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Be careful with your Facebook account.

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    Be careful with your Facebook account.

    I feel hurt as I write this for my close friend just lost his Facebook account in which he has more than two thousand friends with more than five hundred active ones that always comment as well as like the amazing posts that he always make daily on which he teaches as well as enlighten on critical issues involving financial management, marital life as well as poilitics. I got curious when his profile picture changed yesterday morning to a lady that does not look familiar, so I chatted him up but could not get any reply from him and after constant messaging without replies, I decided to call him up last night.

    It was during our voice call that he told me that he can't access his Facebook account anymore and when I tried to know what really caused it was when he told me that he always click on multiple links using his Facebook account. That was when it struck me that one of those links must have collected his details and used it to change evcerything on his account. I advised him to open a new account and forget that one. And that is the reason I'm writing to let everyone be careful of the links you click on using your Facebook account so as not to run the risk of having your account hacked as well.

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    For me, its strange that his Facebook was hacked just by clicking multiple links. Maybe he tried to login his account in a fake facebook or phishing site.
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    It is strange that multiple links would that to his account but I feel sorry for him loosing all those friends and a medium where he enlightens people. I will take note of this anyways.

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    I highly doubt it was phishing. Facebook isn't safe, Internet isn't safe generally. We should be cautious with every links especially the suspiscious ones. Facebook should also work on this. Especially the fake contents posted and shared that will lead you to an unknown site that has tons of pop ups and suspicious links and maybe viruses.

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    You should ask him increase security level from FB settings like force input password when log in from another browser..... this will prevent hacker.
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    Aug 2017
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    Well i dont understand how he get banned if he clicks on links .In general facebook ban people who make spaming ,psihing posts ,racial etc .But who knows what would be with those links

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