Hello hellooo

I am coming with GREAT NEWS! We launched a new revolutionary tool for affiliates!!! We took it to the next level and we want YOU to be part of the zingy tech revolution with our HYBRIDLINK®.

The HYBRIDLINK® is a super genius & user friendly tool that works with a single URL that covers ALL GEOS you are targeting, rotating through a mix of offers that you choose. It saves you a ton of time and it’s totally FREE! You get the freedom of creating the setup you need, the data to measure the performance and scale with ease what gets profitable!

So practically WHAT YOU GET?
- A FREE TRACKER- no need for other third party ones
- ABC testing options, with percentages, weight, clicks capping
- Smart Parameter filtering (based on GEO, OS, device and so on) - you won’t spare a single user!
- Thousands of direct & exclusive offers with worldwide coverage where to send your users
- All offers are tested with in-house traffic before being deployed LIVE, so no more money thrown out of the window!

And you can do EVERYTHING by yourself in a blink of an eye! We know how much time consuming is to launch campaigns with 3-4 suppliers, use another platform to setup trackers and the hustle continues... That's why we wanted to offer you all these in 1 place!!!

Not convinced yet? Check out our NEW product that EVERYONE is talking about!!!

So, for the love of affiliate marketing get inspired by the HYBRIDLINK® . Find out more on https://bitterstrawberry.com/ and hit me up on SkypeID Live: dc_1782 or email at [email protected] to get rich!

I'm sure you all will like it!!!