Creative Ways to Attract New Site Visitors and Customers to Your Site

Holly Nicole

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Feb 22, 2013
When it comes to bringing traffic to your web site or blog you have a lot of options.

You can focus your efforts on paid advertising, ranking in the search engines, creating viral videos or even guest blogging.

However some companies tend to come up with some even crazier and more effective ideas when it comes to getting their name out there and reaching a whole new audience of potential customers.

One site that does this extremely well is, which is on an online pawn shop.

The concept of their site is simple… send your unwanted items to their company and they will pay you cash for it!

We all have some cool and outdated electronics, games and mobile devices laying around the house, so a site like PawnUp is great for turning these unwanted items into fast cash.

In addition to their internet marketing and advertising in the search engines, PawnUp has been featured in the news for many of their crazy sponsorships and new stories.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

How would you like to get some extreme coverage on a major television show like 20/20? Well that is exactly what they did when they sponsored to the shirt of the guy being interviewed in this crazy story on people selling space on their bodies to get branded advertising tattoos!

The deal might not have worked out too well for the people with the tattoos, but sure got some nice ad placement in this one!

The funny thing is PawnUp is getting really good at getting in the news for stunts and crazy things they purchase, and since the “get paid cash for items you own” concept can relate to anyone, they can see a return on investment with virtually any type of person that visits their site.

Just take a look at their media and press release page to see the many different times they have been featured in the news.

While you may not have the same type of budget has to spend on tattoo branding, high end royalty wedding cakes or even bidding thousands of dollars to change someone’s last name to your site URL, you can get the same attention by being creative and reporting on how other people are getting in the news.

Whether you are looking to see what PawnUp is doing next to get in the news, or you want to make an extra few dollars by turning in your unwanted electronics and jewelry, be sure to keep an eye on as they are sure to be making headlines in the news again soon!
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