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The Big Plain English Computer Cell Phone and Tablet Help and Tips eBook

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    The Big Plain English Computer Cell Phone and Tablet Help and Tips eBook

    If you're not keeping this computer, cell phone and tablet reference ebook on your desktop or home screen your life is not as simple as it can be and your device is not AS FAST as it can be!
    Follow ComputerHelpHi on Twitter for Lightning Fast Notifications of Tips and News or Text 40404 Follow ComputerHelpHi

    “Thanks for teaching me that CTRL + trick Rick it was worth the whole price of the lesson.”, Senior citizen Honolulu Hawaii.

    “Rick, you need to be charging $225.00 an hour for your skill level.” Remote business client after helping him with Office 365 and OneDrive.

    “Rick Kirkham is that rare computer geek with people skills. His explanations of even complex computer technology makes it plain and simple to understand”, School teacher Salt Lake area Oahu.

    “Rick taught me a trick to easily find out what my wifi password is.” School teacher Oahu.

    I Don’t Care…

    If you have a Windows PC, Apple/Mac computer, Surface tablet or Android phone you need this reference ebook to make your digital device life simple.

    This is already THE BEST desktop reference manual for

    Time saving tips

    Maintenance techniques used by Rick Kirkham himself to keep computers fast, malicious software and spyware free and to EXTEND the life of computers and tablets.

    Simple instructions to remove the most devastating computer viruses that even stumped Mr. Kirkham’s competition!

    “I have competitors that are charging $125.00 per hour for what’s in my ebook.”, Rick reported in a break as he was writing this tell all secrets book. “I already have people telling me not to write this.”


    Please Copy From The Link Up To Social Groups SPREAD THE WORD!

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    Can you share any trial pages to read before purchasing?
    It is better for buyers if they know your ebook is good to go

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    I'll put something together.


    Quote Originally Posted by Marc van Leeuwen View Post
    Can you share any trial pages to read before purchasing?
    It is better for buyers if they know your ebook is good to go
    First 10 pages seems fair. If you have any other questions please let me know.



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