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Youtube money earning explanation

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    Youtube money earning explanation

    Hello every one how are you i hope every one is fine and doing well,

    I did a little research about Youtube and how you can earn money using Youtube services.

    But There is many things witch is missing or some of us did not got it i mean things needed to be explain to every one even me i would like to know so if he or she is interested to start a Youtube business.

    Few things or questions i'll mention them bellow for a start to have more knowledge about it.

    1- earning money from Youtube ist per visitor who watch the video or per subscriber.

    2- if its per visitor how much you can earn.

    3- if its per subscriber how much you can earn.

    3- dose youtube charge you for starting Youtube channel.

    I hope the information witch will be provide it will be helpful for all of us.

    It will be nice from every expert and non expert to join this discussion.


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    Try to watch videos of some youtubers. Some of them talked about how they earn from it.
    I remember a girl youtuber talked about it, on her video she talks about how they earn from uploading videos on youtube.
    She clearly says youtube contacted them after getting more than a thousand views. She also talks about the "pricing", and it doesn't do anything about the number of subscribers.
    She stated that youtube are paying them based on the number of views and not because of the number of subscribers and likes.

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