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Shared hosting or a VPS for a new forum?

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    Shared hosting or a VPS for a new forum?

    Can you guys tell me I should start with a shared hosting or a VPS for a new forum? Its quite a new forum with less forum, I think if I can get a VPS for it, it will be more better and load faster than a shared hosting. What is your advice?

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    New forums are extremely hard to get traffic to. Do you have a plan to drive traffic to it? Personally I don't like shared hosting at all. I would recommend getting an entry level VPS and simply scale it up as and when needed.

    But, first I would make sure you have enough traffic or access to enough traffic to send to the new forum. You don't want your forum sliding into the ghost town syndrome the day you open it.

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    That depends on where do you see your forum in the future. If you are willing to manage it after it will start to generate constant number of visitors then recommendation would be to start with VPS instead of having to migrate from shared to VPS after some time. Also, VPS will allow you to manage your resources according to your used forum CMS needs.

    However if you lack of VPS management experience, then you should responsibly evaluate your ability on server management and possible need for such knowledge.

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    If you are really investing some good amount on its promotion expecting good number of visitors. I recommend to go for a VPS and managed service if you dont have much time to many everything. You get some dedicated resources with a VPS . A CDN service would be an addon. But in case you are not expecting much visitors initially you can have a good shared hosting.

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