Hi everyone,

I am in the process of developing an online course on Kajabi.

I already have a landing page, and opt-in page. My strategy is to give away a fee e-book in return for leads.

My question is: Should I give my entire E-book away (around 100 pages) or should I just give away an abridged version (say 20 pages of the main concepts, but without much detail) and try to sell the full book for a premium?

I feel that in the first case scenario, I may get more trust as I'm giving away almost all of my knowledge, then I hope that with that trust, they may sign up for a course.

I feel that in the second scenario, not giving away enough may not increase trust and thus sales, or that people may feel a bit 'tricked' because they have been promised a solution, albeit a shorter concise version.

So again, my point is, how much content should I give away for free?

All of it, and miss out on actually selling the e-book, or a shorter version but miss out on potential buyers.

Another thing I wanted your help with is do solo ads work for online courses specifically regarding Teaching English (what the course is about), also known as a TEFL.

Thanks for your time, your comments are invaluable to me.

Best regards,