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Jan 3, 2018
Hello, guys!

In Redtrack we have got loads of questions from affiliate marketing specialists about dating vertical, so we decided to make a quick guide to dating vertical for everyone who's working or going to work in this niche.

Here are some useful tips and expert opinion from our team and partners.
If you want a full guide, feel free to ask at Redtrack community

1. What type of offers do convert better — adult or mainstream?

It absolutely depends on traffic source and GEO. Adult converts better, just because this traffic source is good for dating offers. Talking about mainstream, there are wider varieties of traffic sources and types, so it’s harder to find the right one, but once you’ve found a great source, the CR could be much higher than in an adult segment.

2. Dating is one of the evergreen verticals. What is the future for dating?

According to Statista, the dating vertical is forecasted to grow 24% by market revenue and users in the next 5 years. Talking about innovations in the dating industry, we could add that matchmaking will become more accurate with AI technologies (based on user behavior) and the dating process itself will move partly to VR/AR in the near 20 years. Humanity demands love and relationships; technology helps to ease the process.

3. It is said that mobile devices convert better than desktop and tablets do — whether this is the case or not? Or it largely depends on the traffic type?

Talking in general, mobile traffic converts better. Traffic volumes are higher as well as the variety of promotions. People are getting more mobile and less static. Although, the Bounce Rate is higher in mobile, and the Average Session Duration is shorter. This is related to the different user/device scenarios.

It’s important to know the target audience.
There are segments that play a more significant role in mobile than in desktop traffic. For instance, the OS version or connection type is not even tracked by the computer. And in mobile traffic, the type of connection, device model and screen resolution greatly influence the target actions of the user.

4. What are the top traffic sources to promote dating offers with?

There are a lot of traffic sources that convert well for dating. For example: adult ad networks, native, social, classifieds. Push traffic is also growing in popularity these days.

5. What to use: direct-linking or landing page?

Do you like visiting the gym? Let’s just imagine that you do. What is better for you: to begin heavy physical exercises right away or first warm up your muscles to prepare? LP warms users up correspondingly; it helps them to enjoy adult content to the fullest and return to our website in the future. The difference between direct-linking and a landing page is that in the first instance there is no possibility to be “correctly prepared” for the information.

6. Is there any secret of creating a highly-converting lander?

There are no precise instructions on how to make a highly profitable landing page. You have to take into consideration how your landing page fits all the requirements of the current audience, and by requirements I mean its goals and interests. It is important to understand and analyze all trends used by your main competitors in the present vertical. For example, speaking about mainstream products, there’s a trend that consists of using modest women’s looks, which helps to build confidence and trust among users. We can also point to high-quality and bright images as being one of the major aspects of any successful campaign.

if you have any questions, or want the whole interview, feel free to ask at Redtrack community channel
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