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Join the Sitago affiliate program - cash skill games

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    Join the Sitago affiliate program - cash skill games

    Sitago Affiliate program:
    Terms: CPA= $10 (For every active player you referenced) + REV SHER up to 50%.

    What is Sitago? - Play skill games for real money! Compete with people online - The winner takes it all!! Head-to-head cash competitions, Tournaments, hot prizes and free money for returning friends. If you are good at online games and you have a competitive spirit, this is your place to turn your hobby into a steady income! Play Pool, candy sweep, street fights, car racing, Tetris and other classic games we all love for the chance to win cash!

    Sitago Affiliates is one of the most trusted and outstanding Affiliate programs in this market. We highly appreciate our business and putting our efforts in making every new tool comfortable and manageable for our affiliates. Among key features you’ll be provided with Attractive marketing tools, Detailed Reports, Fast Payments system and Quick support. Our distinguished affiliate managers will show you how to earn players’ loyalty and get desired commissions.
    Individual approach will be guaranteed for all the affiliates in our system. We believe that mutual trust and professional attitude will help us to build a beneficial partnership and meet our perspectives.

    Sign up now or contact us so we can build you the perfect free permanent income plan just for you.
    [email protected] / https://affiliates.sitago.com/

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    What type of websites are not accepted? and what is the minimum payout?

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