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AutoResponder:A Must Have for Your Email List

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    AutoResponder:A Must Have for Your Email List

    An Auto Responder is a software program that lets you send your newsletters, emails, messages, announcements and other good stuff to your clients automatically.

    Remember that it does not write the messages for you. All it does is send your pre--‐written mails and messages to your clients, and every body else included in the contacts list you uploaded to your list manager. One good thing about an Auto Responder is that you don’t have to be online for it to work.
    The Auto Responder automatically sends your pre--‐written messages at the intervals that you chose.

    For example, if you have ten newsletters ready, then you can choose to send one to every client everyday.
    Thus, your clients will surely get one free newsletter for the next ten days, without you lifting a finger.

    All the Best!

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    susansmith001 (03-14-2013)

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    Interesting topic, but what discourages new affiliate marketer in getting auto responder is the money, this post is usefull for newbies even pro who dont want to spend money on autoresponders, it shows you how to build large and effect e-mail list just like aweber and its free.

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    susansmith001 (03-14-2013)

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    Well we all know that email autoresponders are one of the most awesome tools for the marketers want to set and forget..... But I would like to add one more thing that everyone who is going to set up an email campaign through autoresponders should consider the following things in mind.

    1. Double check before scheduling an email campaign through autoresponders in that way you will be minimizing the chance of errors.

    2. The second and the most important thing is that you need to create a sequence of at least two days from one email to another in that way you can increase the chances of getting more effective response :-)

    Wish you best of luck.

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    Thank you susansmith001 for adding the 2 things above.

    Well, there are many auresponder, some are for free. But I would go for Get Response. It has the best deliverability according to me and my mentor. We have never had issues with it and It has a 30 day FREE period. Aweber is good too but I think it costs $1 to start. You can correct me on that...

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