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Aug 13, 2012
Once you have chosen the affiliate program where we want to participate in, the first thing to do, obviously, is to proceed with the registration.
This is a very delicate moment, as it is at this stage that we are presented with the affiliation agreement that sets out in detail the conditions, rights and obligations arising from participation in the program.
It 'a good idea to carefully read the contract before you sign and proceed only when you are sure that you understand the full scope of the commitment that we are taking. Personally, I recommend you pay attention to any clauses, especially concerning:

Exclusivity obligation
Such a clause would prevent us from joining other affiliate programs like. Eg. the program of IBS (Internet Book Shop) provides that, for the duration of the contract, the franchisee can not accede to other competing programs.

Trace Tools
A good affiliate agreement should outline in detail the tools, technologies and the conditions applied in the measurement of performance of the affiliate. With regard to the conditions, it is advisable to recognize that the franchisor of time long enough for the purpose of tracking: eg. the commission is recognized if the user brought by the franchisee purchases within 30 days. About the instruments, generally makes use of cookies, sessions or recording of 'IP. None of these tools is 100% safe and it is fair to say, some committees may be lost due to technical reasons.

Calculation of fees
It 's the heart of the affiliation agreement. In this section of the contract is exposed to the method of calculation of fees (per click, per lead, etc..), Amounts paid as well as any increases or reductions.

Terms of payment
The clauses relating to payment terms inform us about the frequency of payments and the conditions in which the same. It is not uncommon, in fact, find contractual requirements to issue payments only passed a certain threshold (eg. Exceeded the 100 Euro credit).
The scope of such a statement is certainly not to be underestimated: if the threshold is not reached, the fruit of our work will go up in smoke!

Warning: those above are certainly points where more attention, but do not forget the other terms! Each contract must be read in full!
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