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Aug 13, 2012
Once you have read and signed (usually in electronic form) the affiliation agreement and completed the registration process, we can finally start publishing banners, links and much more on our website!

And 'thanks to these, in fact, that we can begin to accrue commissions. Outbound traffic from our website will in fact be traced through specific tools provided by the franchisor, thanks to-sparing it will be possible to measure the performance generated by means of promotion available.

Performance: this word is crucial in the study of our own, yet simple, strategy. The fees are accrued on the basis of the results and, therefore, must be our goal to have these not fail!

But how to get results (and fees)?
Well, the answer is not simple and each site has peculiar characteristics to be exploited ... however, it is possible to find some common rules which is good practice to follow:

We do not put banners everywhere!
Fill the site banner is never a good solution! The focus of our site is the content, not advertising! Web pages are overflowing with advertising only result to be unpleasant and scare away visitors.

The banners few ... but good!
A common mistake is to fill the site with dozens of banners, often very small ... much better to reduce the number of the banners to the advantage of size.
The new formats IAB as eg. the Leaderboard (728x90) or Rectangle (300x250) are much more effective than a button 88x31 or 120x60!

The spots? better context!
What sense would promote a detergent on a site dedicated to finanaza? No one probably. The rule is simple: if the spots are themed with the subject matter on the site, the result will be much better!
If our site is about computer good solution will join affiliate programs dedicated to information technology, which will be much more performant programs dedicated to cosmetics or food!

We use alternative forms of advertising
It 'proved that alternative forms of advertising, such as advertorials, provide better performance than the common banner.
Returning to the first: if we run a site computer might take a few minutes to write an article on a given hardware product providing the user with a link (tracking) to buy it if interested.

As we said there are rules, more or less, apply to everyone, but each site has unique characteristics and it is good to know how to recognize and exploit.
To do this it is absolutely essential to pay close attention to statistics of our website, to understand which are the most popular areas, the most-used services, the content you enjoy. It 'also a good idea to study the statistics provided by our franchisor, in order to understand which ads work best and which ones worse, such as banners are clicked and which are not (watch CTR), which products are selling and which, instead, are ignored.
Only a careful and systematic study of data to maximize the productivity of our site, reducing waste and eliminating unproductive.
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