5 Mini Tips for Search Engine Optimization


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Jun 6, 2012
I got 5 mini tips for search engine optimization , which together still be very important and just can make the difference between your site and your competitors. Perhaps you know all 5 SEO tips all but may you would just be forgotten.

These 5 mini-tips together can make the difference with competitors of yours who also search engine optimization work. I have the following 5 tips for you:

- Display all pictures a good title and alt tag
- Optimize your URL
- Create a Google+ account with a link to your website
- Make a youtube channel and link to your website
- Make your affiliate links No follow-

Display all pictures a good title and alt tag

Just as every page on your site a good clear title and description along gives you would any image on your website uses a title and alt tag along to give. Google can not see images but because he can read them as soon as text is added. Ensure good search engine optimization and give your images text with the right keywords in it.

Give each image is a different title and different alt tag along to not work on keyword spamming. Keyword spamming is often to use your keywords on a page, which can thus also in images.

Optimize your URL

Too often I see web site where the url only consists of characters and numbers instead of a neat phrase or words. You often see this even pass: www.webmastersun.com/ ?p=2709! This is Google of course very unclear what this page is about. In order to help him and to make sure that you and your website scores extra points on search engine optimization field, you can ensure that your url is a neat url that is readable by the search engines. Make sure you have a readable url is like this: https://www.webmastersun.com/threads/2709-5-Mini-Tips-for-Search-Engine-Optimization

This is evident in the Google crawl where this page is about.

Create a Google+ account with a link to your website

Another part of search engine optimization is such link building . Links are sometimes very difficult to obtain and sometimes they are there for the taking and look there too quickly. Today, more and more Social Media involved in search engine optimization and almost all social media sites you can place a link to your website. Almost certainly, most of these links no-follow links but it does not matter which link to your image just as important. A link to your Google+ page is a link from Google, so it can at least do not harm.

Create a YouTube channel with a link to your website

Youtube is also a place where you can place a link to your website. You do not need to post videos to Youtube channel to make, that's entirely up to you to do that or not, but a link you can always lose. Youtube belongs to Google, so here too, as with the Google+ page that it is a No-Follow link will be but a very good one.

Make your affiliate links No-Follow

The latest mini tip for today on search engine optimization is a very important area. If you are using affiliate links on your website so that you are left with another promotes products, make sure that these links no-follow.

We appreciate these links if they get a follow along and there's a chance he will penalize your site for this (points subtracted to give). That is of course the last thing you want. In order to be it is wise to all affiliate links to give a no-follow.

Well, these were only 5 small tips for search engine optimization but just the tips that you can make a difference with your competitors.


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Apr 8, 2024
The latest trends in SEO saw a surge in ephemeral content marketing, leveraging platforms like Stories, short-form videos, and interactive features to engage audiences with FOMO-inducing tactics, emphasizing authenticity and measuring success through qualitative and quantitative metrics.
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