How to Create a Successful Forum - Part 2


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Jun 6, 2012
The operational phase

Upon the resolution of preliminary questions we can start with the "operational phase", we, that is, to buy the domain (we omit here the information about the choice of the domain), web space and install the script chosen to manage the forum.

Done all that, what we had before you have a great forum yet.

The Board Index

The first thing to do is create the board index. Most of the forum, in fact, consist of a container indistinct threads! User intervention, in fact, are usually placed in various thematic sections that are, in fact, the sub-categories of the main topic covered in the forum.

For example: if you have decided to create a forum webmaster or internet marketing online, some sections could be: "Forum webmasters", "internet marketing forum", "SEO forum", etc..

The purpose of the sections, then, is to create ultra-specialized areas in which to discuss topics of well-defined and delimited. This has the triple advantage of in order to keep the contents of the forum, to facilitate indexing by search engines pate and immediate availability for users.

In definizone of the board index is possible to work on several levels, creating a complex hierarchy of categories and sub-categories. The opportunity to build an index particularly branched content must be assessed in relation to the specific subject covered in the forum. In principle, the advice is not to exceed but to keep the design as simple as possible and straightforward.

In addition to the sections "issues" is also good practice to provide some support section, for example, an off-topic (where you can discuss things not related to the topics of the forum), a section where you collect communications staff, or a section dedicated to "presentations" (this area in a number of forums where users are invited to the community before you start posting).

Creation of a good staff

One of the central element can determine the success or failure of a forum is given by the moderating team.

The moderators of a forum play, in fact, a decisive role in the life of the community as it is dealing with other users and help to guide the behavior of the forum.

Having a good number of people able and willing signfica ensure, immediately, a balanced life in the community. Especially at the beginning, in addition, the moderators are the only one to respond and are, therefore, the real leaders of the discussions of the first users. Through the receipt of an answer, in fact, the person who posted the question is "invited" to return to the community by making new interactions (create new topics, post replies to topics already present).

If, as often happens at the beginning, you do not have a staff to rely on, you'll have to be to do the job! As already said, then, put in preventive long time and much work ...

As regards the choice of the moderators is important that they correspond to a very precise profile:

must be competent experts, ie they must know the subject matter in the forum and / or in the section assigned to them;
must be lovers of matter, only in this way, in fact, will have the right stimulus to help always the others;
must be people willing and educated: indeed, nobody has fun in a community where it is treated badly;

Very often the moderators are initially simple users of the forum, it will be your task, therefore, be able to find them! If a user seems particolarmene active and worthy do not hesitate to contact him inviting him to join the staff ... is quite likely to accept your proposal with enthusiasm.
The first contained

The success of a forum depends (largely) its contents.

When you open a new forum, therefore, one of the biggest problems to be solved is the total lack of content. An empty forum is useless and has no hope that some user decides to subscribe.

If you think that people, in front of your shiny new forum, will compete to join and to post questions ... well, you're off the road.

My suggestion, therefore, is to put in effort to begin to fill a little 'your comunity! how? writing content yourself first, for example, you could write the tutorial on how to do something, answer frequently asked questions about the themes of the forum, talk about events and news in your industry, etc..

In doing so your forum, slowly, begin to fill with interesting content (which will be indexed by search engines) that will serve as a "stimulus" for discussions.

Another good idea is to start inviting your friends using the forum as a meeting point where to start to discuss and exchange opinions. In this way, you start with a group of people who, although small, is starting to rise to the first discussions to which other users (outside of your group of origin) can participate.
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