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Jun 6, 2012
When you decided as a company have marketing tool, Facebook wants you to do this in an effective way possible. This starts with setting up a Facebook Fanpage. After you has set up, the Fanpage is the time to updates to create and advertise.

Why advertise on Facebook?

Facebook can specifically target your target audience , by the large collection of data of Facebook users. Recommendations via Facebook through your friends has a large (unconscious) influence and effect on the product. Social influence is the main influence for your product. The product is being promoted in a simple way by Facebook friends. Also offers advertising through Facebook the following benefits:
Facebook advertising ads

- Through the ads you will generate more fans on your Facebook fan page.
- Enhance brand awareness through specific audience that can be reached via Facebook.
- Increase conversion via advertisement on your web page or on our Facebook page.
- Increase direct sales through ad at your shop on Facebook or on your web page.
- Facebook gives you insight into demographic data, conversion data, who you see ads which profiles they have.
- Facebook gives you an insight into how often your ad is viewed.
- Simple measure of success by Click Through Ratio.

Appropriate Facebook ad for your product

There are a number of steps and experiments to continue to generate the best results through advertising on Facebook.

1. Facebook ad design

The design of the ad implies that the image and the text should be beating The image must fit within your image and at the same time ensure the right message. The ad should attract the attention of your target audience within a few seconds and this can be done by use of color, typography, content of the text or the attractiveness of the image. At an attractive picture will be the attention longer retained by the Facebook user will be more likely that the visitor clicks on the ad.

'Shouting' primary colors like yellow and red have a smaller wavelength, making these colors attract attention. However, will have to be also looked into the psychological effects of color, a combination of red and yellow as cheap can be experienced. The use of color should be in line with what you want to project.

2. Refresh your Facebook ad design and enter a Split Test

Make sure that you regularly refresh your ad. If you still uses the same image for a long time, it gets old and people do not see it Moreover, it is wise to experiment with different ads. An experiment with different images and texts ensures that you will gain insight into what your target audience will find appealing and interesting. Then you can respond better to this.

3. Reach your specific target audience on Facebook

Looking for the most avid Facebook users and the 'leaders' under your target audience. They will be worth more than a target group that is fanatical within Facebook. The first Facebook page Liking those who always as soon as possible Liking a page. Then you come to the core of your target audience.

Experiment with times when your ad is visible. In the evening and on the weekend you have to address a different audience than during the day.

4. Question 'Like' and 'Share'

Question your target Liking your product and shared, but to know why. What gets you target? This gives your audience a positive experience. This can be very simple, like-and-win-action 'to put down, or like-and-see exclusive content. Make sure that your target audience to see a special page.

5. Determine the landing page of your Facebook ad

Through your link in the ad, you can determine the landing page of the visitor in the URL tab in the screen 'offer'. You can have a page of your website landing page, but you can also have your ads link to your Facebook page. Through the landing page, you can reinforce the brand experience of your product with all the creative ideas and through a fanpage users.

6. Have patience in Facebook marketing

Successful advertising through Facebook and effectively to the right audience takes time and insight.

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