How to Become a Freelance Web Developer


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Jun 6, 2012
Have you ever wanted to be a freelance web developer? If you are interested in a professional or hobby, or you want to work part-time, freelance web developers in this article, you can get insight into the world in the name of comfort we offer tried and tested tips.

Quite working with various clients, web services and business abilities will develop an extremely rapid pace. If all goes well, you will be gaining life doing what you love. For this reason, a freelance web developer that you could catch today about how to publish a review.

Here we go
Hibernate for web developers who do not have customers who are waiting for something that is incredibly difficult to start. The most important thing to remember is, that if you do not your customers, you do not have your business. Prepare a portfolio site, billing, and other less important issues are out of the elements is not lost among. Therefore, the most important is to work with people to get started and offers.

Based on my experience up to this time, to identify the correct area is very important in creating a successful freelance business network saw. For example, my area of ​​expertise, such as Drupal and WordPress content management systems (CMS) to work on. Getting a job in the area trying to find that only because it lets you become an expert in CMS.

If you are the designer, consider coming to become experts in the field of design. E-commerce design, blog design, twitter background, what comes to your mind briefly. To be a leader in a field, which means you will see high demand. This is also related to your customers you can be more selective and eventually will enable a better experience in freelance.

In case you do not know all
If you literally do not know what you're doing when you begin to be afraid, do not worry.

To bid on a project in that area even if I do not need to know much about programming language, you can learn on the one hand while on the other hand. Feel free to know how to work on a project, there are already so close to our friend Google.

On the other hand, if you are sure that we can show the desired thing, only a little of the missing information, you do not let that stop you from trying. We know that web developers have learned the best times, the times when it ceased to be comfortable.

Experience of working with clients
With solutions like freelancer websites, although portfolio to offer easily and start working on projects. Direct work experience is important to enter into and could find. Language experience, it is important that you work, you work with the customers is very important in your experience.

Clients work with the most difficult part of the job. Some customers are great, some are terrible. Qualified customers to talk to, how to find a good skill to learn, and with them, because even the best developers can develop only through practice.

Communication is often overlooked elements of freelance sector. Good communication is taking offer, ending the project on time and as a result reveals that the difference in keeping the customer satisfied. Allocate your time to be in touch with your customers, business delivery date is delayed a bit, even if you tell me will be appreciated şeffaflığınızı. Communication is often neglected enough, but that is part of a much needed element in the world of freelancing. On the other hand, if too much contact with a customer become virtually impossible.

Offer to buy / give
First when you start, you should offer significantly lower can overcome. I know you think that the lower the value of your time, but until you have obtained enough experience, indeed, this is the value of your time. This one-two or three-month period of time, to be able to get more income after the investment. Initially, the idea does not make a lot of money, but rather to gain experience as a web developer. In the initial stages of experience, time, hundreds of times more valuable than the rate of fees. Pretty soon, thanks to an outstanding showcase and references to raising rates by location, you'll rapidly.

Learning Rate
Freelance web developer is another vital aspect of being a web developer is to be disciplined. Most developers start working in little pieces, and the last day to make up for it by working all day nears. That is a terrible way to omit a job opening, beyond a sustainable business that hinders your work. The way to becoming a full-time freelance developer, work program is incredibly important to the discipline. My X number of days, which billable easy to have a system. With my quota, I have the opportunity to make what I want, but I force myself to run until the quota is filled. Have to work to pay my bills all the time because I know how much stress this aspect of the business has made my days.

Be honest with yourself and your customer
In general, we often see a project to determine a definite time period is associated with. But here we must consider the law of Murphy. Projects are nearly always take longer than you expect. You can not be realistic with yourself about how much time a project will take, you experience difficulties when it comes time to talk with your client. Clients often want to finish the job directly to determine a period of time, much longer than theirs, because while you might think. To be honest with the customer, but also to the customer 'no' is meant to be able to say. For example, you may want to add something to the site which is ridiculous, here is your duty to reject them gently. Many customers, in terms of money and not to waste time to implement their own ideas instead of blindly want to hear your feedback. Remember, you're the expert, and they are paying. If you are honest with them, and I will respect your authority and your opinion will be appreciated. Only point to be noted here is honest and sincere transferring them think. If you think your client's well-being, and they will consider your best interests.

Specified Reviews / Comments Importance
Customer feedback is golden for a freelance developer. Instead of spending valuable time looking for clients consider a scenario where people are looking for you. You will help them to make a website with e-mails asking if you are available. It is extremely simple: the more people who like your work, if that is recommended. Happy customer, there is no more effective advertisement. Koydukça out more projects, most customers will notice that the previous references. In the end, your customers will come to your doorstep only Based on your reputation.

The portfolio is an important part of web developers. A qualified majority of customers to look at your portfolio, you will see or ask to examine the works that match. Create one of the other article on how to examine a personal portfolio site. However, it is not the end of the world not to have a great portfolio site. I have not done a website for my own projects, and despite stating that they want to see a lot of people lost a bid yet. More important here dignity.

Billing Clients
A mysterious part of the billing process work freelance.

Billing Tools
Subtle elements of being a web developer to bill clients. We will be coming soon with a special article on this subject but still would like to talk a little about. Desktop software and online services as well as create the bills. Overall, compared to online billing systems are offering more functionality and all the data on your computer is in trust, of course, if this is an important issue for you. Which solution you use, be sure you're doing all the work of this software may want to selective customers, so you can focus on the real issues that are important: to learn and work.

Payment Options
Generally, customers can expect to see the number of hours worked and informed about what the bill would do (you can see how important is the fact that the communication is not it?). Regardless of the method, the customer must make sure that the bill that most important part of all of the details.

No one wants to encounter surprises when it comes to money issue.

Marketing services
By this time, I saw a lot of people has invested tons of money marketing and advertising. We give you a little secret: if you keep it to yourself. Inadequate approaches to advertising, such as banner ads and adsense business is really not working, explain why. As already mentioned, customer reviews and testimonials of the best advertising solution. But this is a very efficient way to present a different method, it is also 'teach'. Knowledge of a subject exhibiting the best you can express your skills. People want proof that you are an expert, it is the best way to teach. If you start teaching, you represent that you'll be an expert. For example, X contact, SEO (search engine optimization), you find an article written on, this is a tangible proof of that person's knowledge of the relevant area.

Do you work with someone to make your site known to, or are already working in that area do you prefer to work with someone who displayed? In addition to creating more things to facilitate people to find you, create followers. Most people will follow professionals via twitter or blogs. Created a strong network of followers on the Internet there are tons of designer and web developer, and as a result, the number of jobs has increased considerably in the demand. They may charge more because it is a simple - supply and demand issue.

Twitter developer community to contribute to create a very good way to teach the following: Ability to teach, publish and display, the blog is another way. Publish your articles and articles related to your field. Revealed the best advertising for a freelancer contribution. These can, and I've never been unemployed, you will not earn wages rates, because now people are counting on you and sees you as an expert.

How much should be charged?
There are a few different methods of wage determination. In my opinion, if you're a beginner, until you understand what is going on in the market prefer to put lower prices. Working with clients, billing and offerings in terms of gaining experience, after having obtained rates with the upgrade. Business rates the way, I share with you what I learned from another. Generally, people associate it with a rate nature of the work you provide. For example, is $ 100 per hour, and you're bidding against a freelancer'a only $ 10 per hour, if you request the customer to think the other person is 10 times better you will choose to have her job. You think you're so talented people in other bidder, associate your value price with the customer. I know that may sound a little strange, but after acquiring some experience, offer higher wages when you can win the auction you will see more. It completely depends on the customer. On the other hand, customers who are willing to pay more for your services, they often become more qualified customers. I recommend an overnight charges artırmamanızı radical proportions, but you can experiment in comparison to the amount of the bids hourly fee and receive. Odds entirely your own personal profile and how much you offer specialized services relevant to what you have. If you are creating the stereotypical templates or sites, you may not be able to get overcharged. If the leaders in the field of the requested Web development, you can charge more for your services do. This is entirely related to the service you're providing.

A brief summary of them
In this article, we refer to a very matter I know, but there's something really important to have in mind begins: the most difficult part to begin to start working with customers. Billing software, portfolios, blogs, twitter, and everything else is important, but the most important part of being a freelance developer to know how to communicate with customers and to create bonds. Everything else is very simple!

Good luck!^^! :victory:


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May 2, 2013
What a nice article! This is good for everybody specially those who want to be a freelancer. Great Post again!
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