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What is difference between Google Panda and Google penguin?

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    What is difference between Google Panda and Google penguin?

    hi friends please tell me google panda and google penguin? i am little bit confuse about dat

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    Panda = content based algorithmic penalty.
    Penguin = links based algorithmic penalty.

    If you don't want to become victim of these two than follow these.

    * NO Thin content
    * NO Dupe content
    * not too many ads
    * NO Spammy content
    * NO Bad topics
    * YES to usability - Panda needs to know how to go about your home - give the bear a good map, easy and direct access (as much as possible) to all rooms, etc. Good site architecture is imp.
    * If enough rooms in your home are deemed "insufficient" by Panda, your whole home (site) will be affected.

    * YES to Quality back links and external links (Do the roads TO and FROM your home lead to bad neighborhoods and locations?)
    * YES to Varied Anchor text back links
    * YES to Varied Sources of backlinks
    * NO to webspam
    * NO Over-Optmized Internal and External Links

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    Google Penguin
    Google Penguin is the latest update to Google's algorithm. This update is aimed at websites that are using tactics that are considered a way to game Google's searches. When Google indexes a site, it looks at places for specific keywords, some firms have used this fact and stuffed keywords onto a site, or hidden text from the user, but make it visible to Google, or they get lots of links from illegitimate websites that Google now consider to be spam. To date, we have not reviewed a site that has been hit by Penguin. Most of the sites we review end up suffering from a lack of updating or issues relating to Google Panda.

    Google Panda

    Google Panda is the change to the algorithm we see that effects a lot of people who have old sites. To understand Google Panda, it helps to understand Google's core mission. Google wants to deliver the best results for what you are searching. They do not want to deliver websites they consider to be low quality and this means when people go to a site from Google's search, if you go back from that search, Google notices it and pushes you down in the search rankings. Some of the factors we have seen effect sites, are poor site design, sites that don't reference their articles through links, sites that are slow to load, sites that use duplicate content over and over again. The bottom line is you need to have a well designed site and creates original content.

    So, in conclusion, Panda is about getting Google to deliver the best quality websites to your search results. Penguin keeps people from gaming the system.

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    Google Panda

    The main purpose of the update was just to keep those low quality and low content sites away from the top ranking results and give the actual quality sites their due.
    As an obvious result, many websites with a huge amount of advertising, or those with low quality content, saw a huge decline in the rankings. Ever since Panda was launched, there have been many updates to it ranging to over 22 in total.

    Google Penguin

    The idea underlying the update was simple enough- penalize and decrease the rankings of sites that the breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines set the by the search engine.
    This included lowering the search engine rankings of all those sites that practice black-hat SEO techniques like duplicate content, keyword stuffing and cloaking to name a few.

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    Penguin hates low quality links, link farm, keyword stuffing.
    Panda hates duplicate content, thin content, too much advertisers.

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    Panda is the algorithm of change in its search results whereas the Google Penguin is the algorithm that decrease the rankings of site that practice black-hat techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking and duplicate content that breach Google's webmaster guidelines set by the search engine.

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    Simple and short answer of this question is Panda is affect to your site if you are using low quality content, Duplicate content, thin content and your content goes more in favor of advertisement. While Penguins is affect to your site if and only if it is find in your site bad back-links, link farming, keyword stuffing.

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    The SEO community has been a buzz this past week with the latest update from Google, named Penguin. Penguin came down the pipeline last week, right on the tail of the latest Panda update.

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    panda hates :
    keyword stuffing and low quality contents

    penguin hates :
    • Paid back-links
    • Low quality back-links (typically generated using automated tools)
    • Large numbers of links with optimised anchor text
    • Excessive link exchanges
    • Text advertisements that pass Page Rank

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