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How is important title for SEO on Bing

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    How is important title for SEO on Bing

    The title of an article or post has become one of important elements in search engine optimization (SEO). Research and writing title of a page is one key to success or failure of the SEO techniques that you apply. Here I will present you some tips on writing title and how is important of title in Bing SEO

    Avoid making the post title more than 70 characters. This will make it difficult for people to find. Bing will trim your title when showing on search results. Thus the title between 60-70 characters will be easier and more effective for SEO

    Do not forget to put keywords in your title. This will affect for search engines. Put some keywords in your title so that the search will be optimized to your website.

    Avoid repeating keywords in title more times. Bing will consider it as spam titles.

    Avoid using title that does not relate to the content of your article or post. it will be misunderstanding if people are looking for something that actually exists on your article. but they are reluctant to click on your page and heading for title vague and unclear.

    The more often you apply it, it will be easier for you to get the title interesting and good for search engine optimization like Bing or even Google. Clearly a lot of things to consider. Punctuation is also a key to make the search more effective.

    Just my simple tips about title on Bing, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this post.

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    Also not more than 21 keywords to a title to make it for possible results.

    Moreover, we should use a keyword not more than 3 times which help us to avoid repeating to confuse our search engine.

    You should use the competitive keywords for your website which help you a lot.

    Also you should find your niche keywords to your website.

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