There's a lot of misinformation in this thread. Going to try to clear some of it up since I have some time free.

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Now when Google is ranking HTTPS slightly better it is a good idea to get a SSL cert for your sites.
Really, a slight ranking boost should be the last reason that you choose to use HTTPS:443 over HTTP:80. Sure, the slight boost in rank is great and all, but it's certainly not going to be permanent without the data to keep it there.

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Basically, whilst slightly slower, SSL will add a layer of security on any transmissions to and from your web server to your visitor.
With the introduction of HTTP/2 (which more or less requires SSL) this is an outright lie; if you set up your server correctly, HTTPS will likely be faster than HTTP. HTTPS was originally slower because it was tacked onto a really old RFC standard. RFCs were updated, things are now faster.

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I just looked into Let's Encrypt, and I don't think in my opinion that it would be a viable solution. From what I can tell, Mozilla is the only browser that would trust the certificates...
That's certainly not the case, considering I now have Chrome liking my LE certs. I would not use anything else unless I needed an Extended Validation Certificate, which I don't, because I'm not a bank.

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These websites secure your data. It is important to check when you are making a purchase that the site is HTTPS, so that you know that you are on a site with SSL and it will protect your data.
SSL has little, if anything, to do with the data stored on a webste. Saying that a site is completely, 100%, fantastically secure because it has a green padlock is naive. You can't expect data stored on a website to be secure, and you can't use HTTPS as a measurement of that since SSL only crypts the transport. Not the insertion into the database, not the maintaining of that database, just getting it from you to them. That's it.