How to transfer Facebook customers into actual customers ?


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Sep 10, 2012
Many small business owners are confused before the fanfare surrounding the marketing on Facebook. Sure, they can see the action and new customers from sharing videos, pictures, questions and other content. But why invest all the time and resources into building efforts while media sales target.

Skim through your News Feed per day, and you'll notice that the image and the questions get the most attractive. But the challenge of every business owner lies in how to capture the power and turn it into a very attractive buy.
Think of Facebook as a first step of the sales cycle. The ultimate goal is to pull customers on Facebook to a website or sales page, but first you need to build trust and identify potential customers. And that is the point that Facebook Marketing domination.

Let's look at three steps, in the search for and convert Facebook customers to the actual customers:

1. Attract customers with the content they can share.

Facebook is a community center of power, given the well-known brands and a normal person. Nevertheless, it is not a place to send spam to your customers. They're on Facebook to entertain and interact with others, not to plunge into sales.

That's why the first step is eye-catching, not sales. Became more popular, share, comment and post images and content customers to your site, the higher your score more in EdgeRank charts, think that many customers and their friends to see your article. (Facebook's own statistics, only about 16% of the posts on the page of a company to help it become a new customer information on the Face.)

Pictures, questions and exchange content, along with the call to action: "click here" and "share", giving customers the exciting opportunities to interact with your brand . Think about the websites that you interact. We have many funny text or images? The update to push or updating to entertain and inform? Try different approaches and compare the results. These articles are the most scooped?

2. Jump fans become potential customers.

Once you are successful in increasing attention - is measured in part by the number of people through the count all customer interactions in a period of time - This is the time to convert customers by additional improvement of action is best. Additional actions will result in the result on the web other than Facebook.

Step two of the Facebook sales funnel begins with the sharing of content including invitations for their clients but not to comment, share or click like - (this is all the action takes place on Facebook) same access to the Facebook page.

This can be a page on your website or a Facebook application and have the choice on your list.

Applications, "Custom" is useful lead generation tool because you can collect potential customers without your clients outside Facebook.

Convert your customers to act, took a big jump in their beliefs, so when you first put them outside Facebook or a Facebook application Hence, the action on the valuable suggestions, such as contests or free e-book or webinar, not an affiliate sales page.

3. Introduction sales opportunities through personal email.

Now you've started to build your list on Facebook, you could deploy mail marketing to build relationships with potential customers and gradually introduce sales opportunities.

Email marketing is the third part of the sales funnel, and it is the best place to convert customers into actual customers. Instead of annoying Facebook community by broadcasting sales messages, you can market your products to potential customers right in their inbox.

Focus on creating compelling social content for your email list, just as you would for any other marketing channel. It is important to balance compelling content with sales messages. Another approach is to send an email to encourage your audience to check the latest posts on the blog, conference registration or download your latest report - all free, valuable content. Once they reach a large content, you can use Email Marketing to encourage them to take the next step and conduct business with you.

If you nurture selected customers for free on Facebook and use the "help first, sell later" approach to email marketing for more sales close, then the customer will be converted on Facebook close as happy to open their wallet.
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