Why content development is a long-term SEO strategy


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Jul 7, 2012
Content development is an important SEO strategy - even better link building. The content development is increasingly help your site rank higher and more traffic through search engines.

Some consider the impact of Google+ to accomplish organic search in 5/2012 has given some interesting results. I analyzed two sets of clients I've worked with and classified them as follows:

Website developed good social network.
Less developed social networking site.

This analysis shows that:

The social networking site development at 19.5% natural search queries.
The developing good social networking site has increased by 42.6% natural search queries.
Currently, Google is highly valuable copyrights, natural links, and social signals. So, the next natural step is to develop content.

Every website needs SEO will have different needs and requirements - but usually in addition to the optimized structure elements, most of the analysis given that the site needs more content and need higher quality links. In this case, why not just get to build valuable content and attracting high quality natural links?

Why Link Building is a short-term tactical
If the criteria to TOP of you through the process of link building, then I think this can only be a short-term tactical best.

Google's algorithms are looking to fine anything unnatural appearance - so when penguins or Panda update comes around (or any one algorithm is named to make) You will in a position to be active and do not know if I got a ticket? In fact, you may be scared and worried about what is happening, even if you are not affected.

Link building should be supporting factors for developing content
The main difference is that link building is a tactic, while content marketing as a strategy. Basically if you try to build links for your SEO campaign, it seems that the Google algorithm is pursuing and creating links that point on no other purpose, this can sometimes work will be effective but not always successful and make sure that it is not a long-term strategy.

However, developing good content can bring more traffic to you for many years. And not only accessible through search, but also through referrals, social networks and through word of mouth traffic.

Creating quality links is not your ultimate goal - you should think about the other objectives such as data access objects, traffic, content refers to the brand, or more importantly, revenue.

What if the link is no longer the power of the search algorithm?
I can not see this happening in the future almost definitely with Google, but rank correlation factors from SEOmoz 2011 shows Facebook Likes / share the highest correlation charts of all this factor.

Google has said that they do not use this data to chart the data but it shows strong social content can be determined best. So what if Google changed his mind and began to apply that data? Or what if the search engine of Facebook / Twitter become a real threat to Google?

Maybe you need to anticipate this.

If a piece of content with 100 or more links, but not related to social networking, it's a clear sign that these links are created not natural at all. Similarly, if you vote for a piece of social content, but there is no link, it is not a sign that this is a high-quality page requires trust and respect from the search engines. You need a combination of both - and will be very difficult to be able to deliberately create the link and vote.

where have we to start from?
Whether you develop the content of broadcast media, it is important that you need to have a content strategy right now and you can take advantage of this by developing your content to create attention.

If you already have a lot of content you can attract quality / build an audience to participate, you should not rely solely on search engines. And even if you have not found your visitors to increase immediately, I can confidently say that this is the best method to achieve long-term success.

Alex Thompson

Jun 6, 2013
Nice article thanks for sharing the information. I read full article and really enjoy it.
Content was the king and Content is the king and in future it will be a King.
Thanks and Regards,
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