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Sep 28, 2012
Exchanging links is a fundamental measure of SEO, if your link exchange properly can significantly improve the position of your website on search engine. However, if you exchange an arbitrary results can go against the wishes muon.Van core of link exchange (link) that you have to find a quality partner sites. I would like to summarize some issues that need to be taken to assess whether a website should talk or not?

1. Quality assessment elements Links
- Contact information
- Industry website eg: cheap website design industry, web design sales
- Domains
- PageRank
- Adsense ads
- The number of pages of content
- How to present
- The number of links in the link page

2. Contact Information
A website address and telephone number is proved to be very important to prove the owner of the website is a serious organization and operation. So when considering a website the first thing you should look for the contact us page. If this page has enough address and phone number, complete peace of mind to exchange link with this website

3. Industry website
Should only accept link exchange with websites, industry, or related to your website. Exchanging links with websites in other industries not only not bring advantages on google that can even lose the advantage when google misjudged the field of operation of the website

4. Domain name
When you look at a domain name can evaluate the quality of the website, if beautiful domain name can enhance the acceptability of the results link.
Nice domain name is the domain name with no spaces in between, put together by the word meaning, no digits, not too long.

5. PageRank
PageRank is a Google review score for each web page, the higher the score, the sites which increasingly important.
- If the link partner's website homepage PageRank of 3 or more, you should exchange the following link if you do not see the problem here
+ Advertising Adsword right at Main Menu
+ The number of links in the link page in excess of 100
- If the partner website homepage is 1.2, closer to the requirements
+ Ads adsword not be located in main menu, bannber and left menu
+ The number of links in the link page does not exceed 50
+ Presentation must be neat, crisp layout
- If the home page website partners is 0 or no page rank, you need to consider carefully the requirements

6. Adsense
Google and online advertising firm allows an individual can participate in ad money by putting ads by google (or other brands) on their website. The advertising nothing is bad, but if a website advertising overused, certainly this is a poor website content. So when the link exchange should consider ad placement in partner website homepage to assess:
- Your adsense at the main menu: Very bad habits of general users is the use of the main menu to browse the site, webmaster took advantage of browsing habits to trick people into clicking on ads while browsing sites, it is best to away should not exchange links
- Above banner: Normal, because these sites are usually banner ads
- In banner left: I, need to be careful when exchanging links
- On the inner side: Provisional acceptance
- Mixed with the text: Normal
- Menu: Normal

7. The number of pages of content / layout
Page content is a number of additional factors to assess the quality of the website, a hotel is just a few pages is enough to introduce the content, but a tourist site, there is always a large content. Webiste there is much more content will be given priority when assessing the quality of
Presentation is also an additional factors assess the quality of the site, as this is the element of emotional nature should not have a common standard. Exchange links with their neatly structured site will have more chance of success.

8. Number of links in the page
The number of links in the link page is an important factor to decide the value of the result links, if a page has too many links, the value of each link in the page will be low. So when considering exchanging links need to evaluate the number of links in the page:
- If the number of links to> 150 should not exchange
- From 100 to 150, swap if the other elements well
- Under 100, satisfactory.

9. Some tips to exchange links with dishonesty webmasters
When exchanging links, there are some dishonest webmasters have some tips to trick you get to their site links while your site is not. When I met the guys the best so that you refuse to exchange links and for their site on the blacklist.
- Place the nofollow attribute: This procedure is a webmaster in Vietnam used (less visible at the site abroad). When meet this attribute google will ignore the link so as to exchange your link you can see the link appears normal site but actually link partner is completely useless. The result is that you put real links to partners, while partners to link to your site. To check if your link has been set nofollow attribute do not you browse page by Firfox link -> right click on the link -> Properties -> properties
- Use frame: Frame is part of the content is taken from another webpage so even see your link displayed on the partner's site, not sure if it already exists on the page. The webmaster can take advantage of this to offer you a link with high PR, good content, but the actual link not included in the page. To know if you have put the link in the Framework or browse the links page with FireFox, right next to the link -> If you have the line "This frame" your link is in a Frame
- There is no link to the link page from the Home page. The goal of link exchange is to google to see your link partner's webpage, but if attempting to interfere partners for google to find your page, then every effort is nil. The tricks interfere google search to link page commonly used are:
i. Do not place the link to lead to the link page from the home page
ii. Have put a link from the home page but the link is set nofollow attribute
iii. Use robots.txt file to tell google not to visit the links page. To check type if any line: Disallow: URL_of_your_website then you certainly fooled by this trick
Not that you'll ever have enough time to check all the links, just check a random number. When you see the link cheated you should remove all the links of the webmaster and post on the forum so that other webmasters know.


New member
Nov 22, 2012
It is always recommended to look for quality one-way links because reciprocal links that were popular a few years ago are not that effective today when it comes to building new links for websites. Of course the tips mentioned on this page are useful when considering exchanging link with a few high quality websites, especially the older domains that have decent PageRank scores on Google.

Relevancy of the websites in terms of subject can be the key always because it is highly advised to only exchange links with other websites whose subjects match yours since unrelated reciprocal links will not help that much. Another point is trying to exchange links only with older domains, and not just some newly launched websites which may not be properly optimized.
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