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Adrian M.

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Jul 24, 2014
Hey. I'm self-didactic web-designer. I've been busy for 5 years with HTML and CSS. 3 years with JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and SQL.
I'm ready to create you advanced website with high compatibility for all mobile devices, tablets and computer. Including computer browsers (IE 8+).
Your website will be based on many algorithms which will make website more useable, user-friendly and safe. You will be protected from nastiness like SQL/JS-injection, BruteForce or DoS. I will design your logo, favicon, website and buttons. You will have entire control over whole website, including it's users and content.

If you may be the one chosing for buying it. This is how it'll go. You will explain me what you want on website, who'd it look like, which topic, color scheme and all stuff alike. When I'm done, you will connect to my computer through remote desktop and see your website (for safety reasons), you will tell me whether it's what you want or not. If it is, you know it's on my computer, (because think clearly, would I really make imitation of good working website just to get money for that site?), you will book money over and I will send you entire website with source codes (if I have that website, why wouldn't I send it over). If it's not, you explain what would you like to change. And the scheme repeats.

I will work 25 days on it. I will put all the effort and time there is to it. To make it one of the best products you've ever seen.

With all the quality, comes price, I'm sparing for my laptop of superhigh-end quality. I will do you an extremely good website :thumb: for 1800€.
I do know it's a lot, but, what do you have to lose? If I won't hold on my promises, you won't see the website, so you'll know for sure, that I faked, so you won't send money. If you've seen working website, you'll know it's true and price is worth it.

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