Best Content Delivery Network (CDN) Providers

Michele D.

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Jul 16, 2014
For purposes to increase loading speed of webpages for websites, more technologies appeared. One of services is CDN services, this solution saves time while the bandwidth access of users faster.

Speaking to CDN (Content Delivery Network), which is said to provide the services hosting static files (JS, CSS, images) of the website through a separate system. In this system, every customer access from anywhere in the world, it will recognize and transfer the locations to connect to the nearest server. As a result, access speeds increase dramatically website!

Here's some best Content Delivery Network (CDN) Providers that you can consider to use:

[URLnf=""]CloudFlare [/URLnf]
With 23 data centers worldwide, CloudFlare CDN Solutions offers both free and paid. CDN services including building system resolution proxy access of users, helping millions of websites in the protection of the system from the DDOS attacks, botnets (although not all). For those who use WordPress or cPanel hosting, it also integrated plugin available so you can optimize it easy.

[URLnf=""]Incapsula [/URLnf]
Incapsula also use similar forms through the use CloudFlare CDN system focus, but has some my websites tried but still get downtime. You need to sure configure it exactly with this service to sure that everything will be fine for your website.

[URLnf=""]Photon [/URLnf]
This service is no stranger to those who use WordPress, because it is integrated into the Jetpack plugin Only install the plugin and enable CDN, you can use it immediately.

[URLnf=""]CoralCDN [/URLnf]
Instead of conventional CDN service uses P2P connection (from computer to computer), so the data will be stored and transmitted between millions of computers around the globe. It's completely free!

[URLnf=""]jsDeliver [/URLnf]
Users alway know that this source pretty much use Javascript. jsDelivr provide this library javascript files with 91 POP (connector locations and store) all over the globe. If you are a WordPress developer, don't miss this!

[URLnf=""]Google App Engine [/URLnf]
This service Amazon S3 + EC2 equivalent, mainly used to run web applications, websites and store their files.

[URLnf="http://"]CDN. net[/URLnf]
One of the sponsors for the project is jsDeliver, also a free 1TB bandwidth for CDN services. Seems like that would be enough for a website with traffic average. Of course, it only allows a 30 day trial, thus you can try it before deciding for a paid service.

What about you? what is your favorite Content Delivery Network? :)


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Sep 7, 2014
Is there just one single person still using CoralCDN?
A good website to start is CDNCalc
I picked KeyCDN and it's working great. Lot's of features! Just started using SPDY.


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Apr 1, 2015
i am really starting to doubt cloudflare first a week ago i was getting a dns error on my website then i tried loggin in my host it was also down because it uses cloudflare too i also noticed other popular sites using it had this dns error and to think i just upgraded from free plan to pro is not on Cloudflare is not good for me id like to know what others are using especially the paid ones
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