Facebook Like on my website or for Fan Page?


Dec 14, 2013
Could you share your thought between Facebook Like on your website or for Fan Page, which is more benefit? why?
I want to know this because I will focus on one direction to get like for my website or for my fan page


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Jan 13, 2015
From a SEO perspective FB likes does nothing at all... In addition getting fake FB likes is easy just head over to fiverr and you'll see.... so its easy to understand why G does not use this for its ranking algo... In actual fact G has stated publicly that this is the case... Here is a good article which discusses this [URLnf="http://wojdylosocialmedia.com/facebook-likes-affect-seo/"]here[/URLnf].

In addition FB has fundamentally changed the way likes work with sharing content on FB. The organic reach is now around 10% where as before it was all of your fans which liked your page would get an update on their newsfeed... That is because FB is encouraging you to use FB ads...

That said getting real FB likes will of course help with traffic as people are engaging in content ... and some may even share pages and provide backlinks - hence why some may attribute FB likes to ranking on the serps - but the reality is that this is cause and effect... An indirect one - which many interpret as rationale that it helps with rankings... but again its not the case...

That aside having a good number of FB likes does add credibility to actual real visitors.... However too much also screams out that its fake (well to me it does...)...

In addition I would also try to get FB shares e.g. ask visitors to share content on FB, twitter etc in return to access additional info, download report - as that can bring in more traffic to your site.... So shares and likes do help but it will not directly influence your SERP rankings (only indirectly for the reasons mentioned)....


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Jan 18, 2015
Facebook allows you to promote your website through your Facebook page. What this means?

Well, this means that even though you promote your website, you have the ability to promote the page and the website together through newsfeed. When people are clicking the ad, they will still be redirected to your website but the 'person' who is promoting that ad is your page. Therefore, you increase the chances of promoting both without increasing your budget.

Now, if you are talking about promoting them individually then it all depends on your niche execution plan. If you want to build a community for your page and you believe that your community is going to be interested in your offers then go for Facebook Page promotion.

Alternatively, you can simply promote your website if you are not interested in building and maintaing a community.
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