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Did you have conversions from Twitter?

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    Did you have conversions from Twitter?

    Did you have conversions from Twitter?
    Maybe I was lucky man when I got conversations from Twitter and sales from it. I found Twitter to be complete useful for traffic and sales for my site
    what bout you? what anyone is saying?

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    Hi SrRyan,

    Congrats!!! That's great to hear... For me Twitter just seems to move so fast that by the time you tweet and check the hashtag its way down the list with new tweets from others superseding it lol... Its an area that I should look into more - I was thinking of placing a sticky ad as a test.... I also suspect that its better to try get leads to your optin list than attempts direct sell stuff...

    I also think a lot of people dont track links properly and consequently cannot really tell for sure where the sale came from if they are promoting on more than one platform.... I assume you used a link shortner like bitly, tinyurl etc for that... as well as a tracking id on the sales page?

    I'm curious to know of other peoples experience of twitter - what works/does not work, in particular the advertising route...



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    Fir my blog, I focus most of my efforts in Pinterest - but I do a little bit on Twitter as well.

    ( a few manual tweets a day, and a few automated tweets of older blog posts)

    I don't get much traffic from it, but I did notice one thing:

    My Twitter traffic has a lower bounce rate than my Pinterest traffic.

    I don't yet track (optin) conversions per source - I guess I should - but the better bounce rate tells me that my twitter visitors are more comfortable on my blog than the Pinterest visitors.
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