5 easy ways to build customer loyalty for your ecommerce


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Jan 23, 2015
Surely you have said more than once, which is cheaper retain customers you already have, to get new ones. As a professional, I can say that is absolutely true, because today get new customers (ad impressions, SEO, SEM, clicks...etc) is becoming very expensive, and few can afford that ecommerce financial outlay.

But even though you know it's cheaper loyalty to your customers to find new customers, when was the last time you did some campaign or action for your customers return to buy? I guess the answer, as my own clients, when they realize this question, the reply is always the same: never.

Therefore, in today's article I will expose five strategies to achieve loyalty of your customers and to re-buy with some frequency.

1. Loyalty program
To all customer likes to be rewarded for making a purchase and certainly rewards program is one of the tactics to retain your customers work best.

This example is one of the shops I've done. Since I implemented this loyalty program for years, has a portfolio of loyal and sales continue to grow customers. Today there are different modules and plugins by platform you have to take a loyalty program easily and ready to increase conversions and sales from your online store.

As a tip, loyalty programs work best and customers more like it, is the coin program: this module type loyalty therefore is that spending on the purchase, you deposit in your account online store a corresponding amount. For example, for 30 dollars to accumulate in your account spending 7 dollars. What the customer is buying several times until it gets added to the account, the amount needed for the next purchase happen for Free.

2. Sending customer newsletter
Whatever they say, email marketing is a powerful conversion tool for any online store. A trick to make your email marketing campaigns become as much as possible is to investigate what that customer has purchased and thus know what you interested. Do this by customer group related things you enjoy, and once you have all analyzed and groups, makes a newsletter for each group, including news and products of interest. I assure you it is a foolproof tactic conversion and bounce rate is almost zero.

3. Surprise, are guaranteed purchases

If your sales margins allow you to include occasionally a gift or surprise, you're in luck, because this strategy is foolproof for the client to repeat the purchase. It is logical that this tactic works because if you catch a customer with an unexpected gift, make your answer is yes, and thank you return the making another purchase.

4. Build social relations
Social networking is the best way to build lasting relationships with our clients, and to get new customers.
For social media help retain your customers, you must do these things in them:
* Create publications dedicated to loyal customers (eg promotions for customers only).
* Establish a social network for customers to communicate their complaints, questions, suggestions, etc...But for this to work properly, you must answer all and as quickly as possible.
* Allowing customers who book products of the new season. This tactic works well. For example, for one of our clients who have a children's shop, we create a strategy where we announced that we had the new collection available but before publishing online store, they could receive by email the catalog and reserve the garments they like before they go on sale. It was a success.

5. Offering discounts
For this strategy, you also need to consider whether your margins let you do it. This tactic is very simple, since it involves only offer discounts to loyal customers, and with that discount made another purchase and feel happy, as will purchase the item you want at a lower price. As a tip, do customer groups, and according to seniority and loyalty they have with your store, offer them a discount adapted to their loyalty. This strategy seniority, performed with a client and it worked perfectly.

Remember that your current customers are the best heritage that has your store because they already know your brand, know that products have the service you offer...No need to remind you that, but thank you for your trust and worry to find the products they want, and of course, reward them for their loyalty.


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Jan 13, 2015
Nice Post! Only thing to add on my part is to make sure you provide excellent support... Set up a support center/trouble ticket system in addition to support via email and perhaps chat or even telephone if you have the resources to take it that far... Above all be responsive and get back to your customers ASAP... The quicker the better ... with treating it as top priority to fix/resolve....
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