9 daily habits that will increase your productivity levels


Sep 13, 2014
In this thread I have compiled 9 habits that I have worked my best and have proven to help many others to enhance their productivity. As they say, are not all they are, but they are everyone.

1. Define your goals clearly.
Whenever you identify a target, put the end result you want in writing, detailing the various tasks you have to perform to achieve it. Having clearly defined goals greatly facilitate the management of your tasks, and you'll know exactly when you have reached the goal.

2. Select three key tasks each day and do them.
In light of the major objectives that have outstanding meet, selected each day three tasks related to them, and make them ASAP. Thus, at the end of each day you know you've gone one step in achieving what really is important to you.

3. Apply the 80/20 principle to work.
This principle, applied to productivity, states that there will always be 20 percent of pending tasks that will be capable of generating 80% of the results that really matter. Identify what those tasks and concentrate on them first. Make three key tasks that you choose each day belong to that select group of 20 percent.

4. Avoid multitasking at all costs.
Never try to do more than one thing at a time. Take a task, focus on it and not let go until you're done, or if it is a very complex task, until you've made significant progress. This is especially important for three key tasks that you set you every day.

5. Run the simple batch jobs.
You will always have routine tasks, usually of low value and simple to perform, you can do batch. Transitions between activities require a long time, and also if you have to resume an interrupted task, still need more time to regain focus and find out where to go. So try to put together simple tasks according to their type, and book a time of day to take them out all together. For example, make calls, answer emails fast, review documents, filing, record expenses,...etc.

6. Eliminate distractions before you start.
If you're the type of person that distract you with a fly flying before attempting any kind key eliminates distractions around you. Clean your desk, close the e-mail program and web browser, disconnect the landline phone, put the phone in silent mode ... If necessary, even changes location, such as a meeting room that is free at this time where you know you are not going to stop in a while.

7. Practice Creative Procrastination.
Have filled rivers of ink demonizing procrastination (voluntary deferral) of work we do not like. In general, procrastination is not good, but there is a type of procrastination that we should practice whenever we have occasion: that of those tasks that do not provide us courage. It is a fact that more work that we draw on, there will always be more work to do. So start discarding tasks that are not aligned directly with your personal and important career goals.

8. Learn to say "No".
Our philosophy of service (and sometimes our excess goodness) makes us accept all the work that goes through our hands. If a task or project is not going to make progress on your goals, not even let into your life. Say "No".

9. Using tools for work.
Instead of changing productivity tools (especially software) each week, learn everything there is to know what you're already using, and make the most of. Tool change every so often is very tempting and fun, but it is one of the biggest thieves of time. Resist! Moreover, learn to use the software you have only the keyboard without mouse. Only after a reasonable time evaluating your tools: do you really need more features? Well, then, and only then, consider a change.

Have you applied any of these tips of productivity? Have they worked? or share your experience in a reply below.
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