How to gain popularity for small business website..?


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Dec 19, 2012
How to gain popularity for small business website..? What are the strategies in SEO..?


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Jun 6, 2012
Tips to gain popularity for small business website

1. "Clean up" website weekly
Spend two hours a week to "clean up" a website from your home page to the page with the following basic criteria:

- The Banner promotion has expired? Remove Banner down if your product discount campaign ended.
- New products have been introduced?
- Product Availability (in stock / out of stock) have been updated correctly?
- Highlight your product is in stock condition?
- Website is still running fine on the browsers and devices? Receive reports from the technical person in charge if you not directly arrange this and instantly fix if the website problems.

2. Introduce new products in a compelling
Everybody likes a new product, but introducing such products are also important factors you need to consider. Introduce new products most attractive way possible through the use of images and language.

In addition to the official products, you also write an article to introduce new products or shoot a Clip product review posted on the website. The information on the Blog always generate higher reliability for the reader.

Do not forget to share this article on the social network ahead.

3. Show discounts on products
The product price reductions or discounts should be done twice a month or weekly if you have conditions.

More importantly, you need to keep an eye on your competitors to see their discount for the products to you is how much to have appropriate alignment.

The regular run promotional campaigns on the website will surely make customers purchase access to care and more, which help your website always attract customers.

4. Post good content to blog on website
Blog is an effective online marketing tool for businesses today. You should consider on your website and blog updates standalone articles related to your industry (products / services you provide).

For example, your website sells beauty products, sharing the tutorial beauty makeup face appropriate circumstances, to protect the skin as makeup, ...

Updating the blog with good content not only help SEO but also provide customers with a good impression for your website, from which create lasting trust them.

5. Change website interface
Change the e-commerce website interface is like you remodel your shop. Especially when the ever-changing design trends, keeping always a design that will make your online store look old and lagging behind the "junior".

Monthly select the required changes on your website that are consistent with the trend and users. For example, if a portfolio of customer you do not pay much attention, remove or replace it. Or change the color and style of the "call-to-action" such as "buy" or "Add to Cart", ...

You can also make your website more user friendly by adding more humor to the design. Refer to the article "Designing emotions: Practical example" of DC to learn more about emotional design.

Again, creating an e-commerce website is not difficult but requires you need to put effort to maintain and develop it. With the simple tips suggested above, you can immediately apply to their work.
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