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Apr 24, 2015

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Auto Buy Link $9.99


tehbunta said:
I received an early copy of this when it was in development, I can promise this is a money making machine... I only tested one of the methods and was only doing it here and there when I was bored.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to use this and will be using this full time in the foreseeable future

๖ۣۜSonic said:
I Bought this Ebook and I already started getting Payments. Proof:

This Ebook is extremely Easy and will help you with all your Money needs. I recommend this to all users. I buy all my programs and ebooks from Bot and I recommend all of his products. Thanks for this awesome e-book Bot.
TerminalLance said:
I have received a vouch copy of this E-book! After reading this a few times over, i can say it

has no zero spelling errors! It is very detailed and laid out, without a

doubt "noob" proof! There are two very small investments if you care to buy them it will

make it auto-pilot! Bot has defiantly took his time to make this very detailed! Everything is

covered down to the very fine details! He even throws in a few extra's, which can and will

make your money back tenfold if done right! The lay out is a little rough on the eyes, but

hey, who cares! I give this E-book a 10/10 ! This has amazing details

and again it is very in-depth! Buy it while you can!
KaptaiN said:
I've received a vouch copy of this. Here's a quick review of the ebook:

Grammar: 7.5/10
Overall well written, although I did notice a few run-on sentences here and there, some grammatical mistakes, and so on.

Really though, unless English is your 7th language, you absolutely won't have trouble understanding any of the methods in this ebook. It stays to the point and easy to understand.

Design: 7/10
Again, perhaps not the most beautiful ebook, but that's not the point. I'm a bit picky when it comes to ebook designs, hence the relatively average score, but this shouldn't be your main concern if you want to make money.

Could've been structured better, but if you really want to know whether this ebook is worth it or not, move on to my next points.

Content / Originality: 9/10
I liked the ideas in here. I'm very skeptical when it comes to trusting ebooks around here, but there are methods in here that I had never thought of before. If you're patient, and willing to put in the work necessary, don't hesitate to buy this.

I can't go into much detail about what the methods are, but I can say that they're not saturated. From the get-go, the book is honest in letting you know that money won't fall from the sky overnight, and that's fine.

Naturally, not any method will work for everyone, and that's why I think including five different ones is great. For $9.99 you have practically nothing to lose, as that's much less than what you'll make with these methods.

Would certainly recommend to any beginners who are willing to put in any effort. Great ebook.

Depth: 8/10
This ebook will give you all the information you need for each of the methods to work. It won't spoonfeed you, but it will certainly link you to everything you will need to get the basics running.

Naturally, if you only follow the book and nothing else, you won't be making thousands. You could make back easy money, but maximizing your profits will depend on the twists that you add to the methods, and on what you decide to differently. Perhaps more examples and techniques could've been provided for each method, but in the end, that'd only get each one of them saturated faster.

In short? You won't come out as a master, but once you've been provided with all the basic info and resources, your success will depend on your brains, and how much time you're willing to dedicate to this.


All in all, I would recommend this to anyone who's new to the online money-making scene. For a price that low, really, don't hesitate to purchase.
Maaaxh said:
I received a vouch copy of this ebook.

Guys, dont spend your hard earned money on ebooks, most of them wont make you much, maybe even not enough to cover the ebook itself.
BUT, this one is worth every $. If you follow the steps right you will make the money back and a lot more.
This ebook is really good. Very detailed and easy to understand.
HQ ebook with some extras aswell. Well done Bot.


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Jun 28, 2015
I am very interested in your ebook. do you have resell program for your ebook ?
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