Tips for writing emails that get Opened, Read and Clicked


Jul 11, 2013
How to write a good email that get opened, read, and clicked?

Is there any format or guideline I need to follow to write an email for marketing campaign?

How to create an attention grabbing subject lines?

Should I find and learn any coaching program for email writing?

Thank in advance


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Jan 22, 2015
Yep, there are a few ways that could help you. You can do some research about "email copywriting tips", you can do some research online via youtube, google, forums, groups etc. or simply buy a course related to copywriting skills.

Most autoresponders also have blogs where they share tips related to email marketing, they also create interviews so also check that out, it might help.

And also check out:
Derek Halpern, Social Triggers
Dan Kenedy's stuff
Frank Kern
Chad White, Email Marketing Rules
Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer

Hope that helps.


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Jan 13, 2015
In addition to above - you also need to be aware of spam filters... Hence you need to:

1) Avoid or limit the use of certain words such as money making, $$$ etc.... Here is an interesting [URLnf=""]article[/URLnf] on that....

2) Also make sure to include an opt-out link, your contact details e.g. name, address and email reply i.e. you need to be compliant with the [URLnf=""]CAN SPAM ACT[/URLnf].

By adopting this you lower you spam score and increase your chances of getting messages into the in-box... It can be literally one thing which pushes your score and your messages into the spam/junk folder. In particular Hotmail/Outlook are extremely sensitive and a pain in the backside to deal with...


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Sep 16, 2015
One other tip that I didn't know when I started writing emails-

Be careful with your subject lines.

I use to think that some of my subject lines were clever, but I didn't realize that the CAN SPAM ACT actually gives strict guidelines about deceiving subject lines.

There is nothing wrong with being creative, just don't impersonate Facebook or Paypal, or pretend to be any big name company just to get an open. For example, don't say "arindamb mentioned you in comment of Facebook" or something that sounds like it's coming from a real company. It's actually illegal. Plus, it gives your readers the wrong idea when they open the message. That can lead to higher spam complaints.

The idea with the subject line is to invoke curiosity. Sometimes when I write a compelling story in an email, I'll take one of the lines from the story (a powerful one) and use it as the subject line. It kind of draws them in, before they open. And it's natural for them to want to read on to get the full story.

Hope that helps. I actually have a section on writing effective emails in my free bootcamp course. If you want the link, just send me a PM.

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