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Jan 24, 2016
Mobile phone browsing makes up more than 70% of all internet browsing right now, and it may render traditional forms of computing useless for common people shortly.

We have an opportunity to harness this and it is important to look at the kinds of software that was built originally for desktop computers in the mid / late 90's. There are new opportunities for traffic acquisition by embedding ad networks inside of free mobile applications.

This post is dedicated to discussing strategies that incorporate seamless ad integration with mobile apps. My hope is that we come together in a collaborative effort to build that network and execute the strategy in such a way that we can all get paid, or at least use the knowledge gained here to develop an "information structure" where others can use the knowledge to develop their own systems.

I believe the money is out there for mobile ad networks and there is a real opportunity to make even more money through advertising income. An example of this might be:

1. Centralized server which collects user information (IP, name, user-submitted entries, behavior logs, etc) from the apps.
2. Apps are created in "targeted" fashion, and the "category" of the app is reported to a demographic database at the central server.
3. Central server organizes collected data in to categories listed above.
4. Ad publishers gain access to this data after paying monthly fees(?) and can create targeted ads.
5. Monetization based on performance - PPC

The problem to be solved is how do you integrate advertisements in apps as naturally-looking as possible?

Please share your best ideas! :D
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