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Jan 24, 2016
I'm in the process of the third re-design of EGW and am turning it into a content / news blog about computing, privacy, security. Always wanted to be a news authority so why wait.

My question is how do I organize a LOT of content? For instance, where do I move old articles when I want to publish new articles? Should I delete them entirely or put them in some kind of archive? Here is an example:


So when the content changes (for instance, new articles will be added weekly for each section of the site). There will, at some point, be 100,000s of thousands of articles at this rate and I need some advice on how to organize it before I start building the back-end. I'm looking for both an SEO perspective and a database perspective.

To elaborate further (programmatically), observe the structure of this section below. Note, this is what I'm thinking about when constructing the database:

View attachment 1775

So we have 8 data objects here. In MySQL, there will be a table with 9 objects (8 for each data point) and 1 more for an ID variable.

That's not very complicated and easy to do. But I need more input on how to organize it all when the content starts getting overwhelming.
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