How to choose hosting for bloggers?

Marc van Leeuwen

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May 29, 2016
You know what is the most difficult choice for a blogger? The hosting. Right? even the plugin and template are discussed. But I talk to dozens of bloggers every week, and everybody wants to get started with a free platform. With or for examples. The reason? They fear anything that hides behind the technicalities: servers, FTP, domain hosting...etc

I can tell you the truth: when I started blogging even I was afraid of these things, but all above I had a lot of questions that I could not solve. Questions which can be summarized with a single, immense, question: what are the definitive characteristics of a hosting for bloggers?

In other words, what are the aspects that a blogger novice must not omit to avoid getting into trouble? I have appealed to all my questions left unanswered, I explored forums and communities looking for young bloggers in difficulty and hope to get any tips for my questions.

Thanks in advance.


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Feb 9, 2013
Hey Marc,

Here are some tips to choose a hosting plan for bloggers.

Free service or self-hosted: the difference?
Before explaining the steps needed to choose a good hosting, I want to answer this question: Why focus on self-hosted and avoid the free services? simple reason: because in the latter case you are not the owner of the platform. You are trading on a blog that is not yours. And you can not handle all the things on it.

Sure, and offer great services. And with many options to customize your blog. You can never get all the benefits (even side SEO) of a self hosted blog. In this case you can customize everything, you can turn your blog in every possible way. It can turn into an e-commerce, in a single-page site or in a magazine.

To get started you can use a free platform. To create a company blog , or to start a professional career, however, you have to load the CMS WordPress on a server. Now the question comes back to the starting point: how to choose a good hosting for blogging?

The essentials of a good host for your blog
There are many elements that you have to check carefully before choosing your hosting. Items I have added to this list. Before you begin, however, remember that it all depends on your needs, and you can not expect great performance at no cost. Often one of the most discussed points is the disruption of a hosting unsuited to the characteristics of the project.

And that's the point: what he needs your project? Perhaps the resources are not adequate to the blog you've decided to go with. So, no matter what your personal evaluations, a chat with the technicians of the service you have chosen can be helpful in resolving the suspicion.

A hosting today must guarantee an excellent loading speed for web pages. True, this parameter depends on several elements (eg ' image enhancement and code). But also to choose a good server can affect the speed in a positive, especially if it is equipped with SSD (Solid State Drive).

The upload speed affects the positioning of pages on the search engines, but especially guarantees a good browsing experience. Put always on top of people, this will bring you good results though.

Especially for those who make the first steps in this world it is essential. You can not disregard a good basic care, assistance able to solve ordinary and extraordinary problems. Indeed, even before the problem occurs.

Sometimes problems do not depend from hosting, there are often solutions to have everything under control. Even when you click a few buttons too. At the beginning of your adventure you happen, you know? Here are the essential requirements for blogging safely.

Preventing brute force attacks.
hosting for transfer assistance.
Automatic backup daily.
24/7/365 support.
Firewalls and malware scanning.
automatic platform updates, themes and plugins.
It seems superfluous to the latter a passage, right? Yet one of the basic requirements for safe working with free blogs are just those: the platform upgrade. A blog is not updated is fertile ground for the bad guys, and an automatic update allows you to sleep soundly. The same goes for the other points: when you have a daily backup everything becomes easier.

A shared hosting, the ideal solution to start a blogging project, shared resources. The comparison is one that you can imagine taking a look at this infographic: the bandwidth, CPU and space resources are shared with other users. Consequently they are limited, and this also depends on the expense that you want to support.

That's why it is important to have clear the resources available with a certain hosting plan before you buy, usually, to simplify, you do establish limits in terms of views: This hosting plan is ideal for a blog with 50,000 visits per month, this plan it is a blog with 100,000 visits per month. And so it goes. Again it is useful to a phone call to the technical office for advice.

Hosting for bloggers: which do you choose?
The truth is this: difficult to define in advance what is the best hosting for bloggers. I can emphasize here is the need to invest in a good service. A service that does not leave your blog offline all the time, and make sure you immediate support. Especially if you're a beginner and you need specific assistance.

Do not forget also that there are adequate solutions to those who have no desire/ability to upload WordPress on a server. The hosting plans with preinstalled CMS allow just that: to avoid the doubts and uncertainties of installation. For beginners can be a problem.


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May 12, 2014
If you are completely novice in blogging than it will be a better option to get started with managed WordPress hosting. Which provides you dedicated server allocation and quality services. I personally using Godaddy managed WordPress hosting and it works great to me. Managed WordPress hosting comes with pre installed WordPress and themes.


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Nov 11, 2015
The platform you select will depend on what your plans are for that blog. Will this be an informal blog for friends and relatives, or a commercial venture? For any business related blog, I'd recommend registering a domain name with a registrar (separate from your hosting provider), and then procuring hosting from a provider that offers cPanel, as that is the most popular control panel in the industry right now. Select a provider that offers a script like Softaculous and install WordPress yourself. Be sure to secure it with a plugin like WordFence, as it will be prone to attack from the get go. There are a ton of free themes available right now and thousands of plugins to choose from, to customize your blog any way you desire.
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