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How important a business to have a website?

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    Question How important a business to have a website?


    I run a fashion business in Indonesia. Currently, we only market our service and product via social media.
    It's still a start-up business and our equity is not pretty much. So, to generate leads and increase brand awareness, should I make a website?
    With cost cause by buying hosting and domain and time we invest in building and posting content in our website, will a website be a profitable funnel for my business?

    Gladly to hear your experience and advice, thanks!

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    A website is a good option to centralize your selling platform. Today's competitive world, you definitely need a website for your business. It helps you to connect with Global buyers and increase your profit ratio. Today every business owner tries to cover customers globally and you can do it with a website.
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    In today's world, a website is like a telephone was years back for a business. Prospects and customers expect a business to have a website now. Even if it simply shows hours open, how to contact and how to get to the business.

    A business these days that doesn't have a website and email appears to be way behind the times.

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    According to me everyone have a website so that their customers comes directly to their website, do whatever they want , It is the best way to attract your customers and turn them into sale.

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    Yes... Develop a website.

    - Get some hosting,
    - Install wordpress and get a premium theme.

    Sounds like you're already building a following on Social Media so you can now post blogs on your site (related to your fashion niche of course) and share them on your Social Media accounts, this will direct your Social Media traffic to your website.

    You also want to set up an auto responder account, maybe with getresponse or aweber and add an optin box to your website (at the bottom of every blog post and wherever else you see appropriate). You'll now be equipped to build your own database of your targeted customers and you can communicate with them any time you wish via email.

    I don't know what exactly your fashion business is about and how you generate income so I'm providing a general set up that will benefit you from having a website (oustide of the important fact of branding)

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    So, to generate leads and increase brand awareness, should I make a website?
    Yeah why not?

    Of course, it's not just about making a website. There's more to it than that of course.

    You will need to SEO, market, promote and advertise your site. Drive traffic to it, promote it on social media etc etc.
    With cost cause by buying hosting and domain and time we invest in building and posting content in our website, will a website be a profitable funnel for my business?
    A website and the hosting of it and SEO promotion of it is negligible really. You can star a website on a shoe-string budget. Likewise the SEO/promotion.

    I remember when I used to snap up 0.99c domains on GoDaddy. They stopped doing it now. But I'd pay $0.99 for the domain, slap WordPress on it, turn it into something, some turnkey site or something. Then do a little slow SEO on it and add content to them which I could write up myself or get for cheap somewhere anyway. Then flip them for up to a k on Flippa and Ebay.

    The trick is the pitch you make for it. The way you wrap it up. Get that right and you could sell sand to an Arab.

    But you don't want to sell your site obviously! I'm just saying, it can be done for a negligible price.

    In time, as your site ranks up and gets more traffic, you can monetize it.

    So that in say, 10 years time, it's paid back 10,000,000 what you paid for it.

    Now that's what I call an ROI!

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    There are lots of importance of having a website for a business. It makes your customer access your business and its product easily at any hours whether your store is closed or opened. And the most important thing is that a website makes it possible to target a wide market.

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    You need to try and create the website because it will help your business later not now, but soon you will not regret ever having a website that points to your product,

    Having a website will spread your product to so many users on the internet who are really interested in the type of service you offer, because people search for what they want online no more offline, so the benefit of a website is much to be left behind when doing a business, so I recommend you to startup one and thank us later,...

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    I have to agree with most of the above comments. Starting up a website is a low cost way of getting your brand out there for all to see.

    It gives you an opportunity to showcase particular products, open your product line to international buyers, answer the common most questions that customer have about your products, give background information about you and your staff, and the list go on and on.

    With the new tools available you can even target your website to particular customers, particular areas of the world, and monitor what your products your potential customers show the most interest in.

    This can really help you as you develop your product line.

    I would say, that based on all that it is a resounding YES to begin a website for your product line.
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    Having a Website on you business can attract more costumers and also it will help you business to grow. If your website will be known around the world. then you sales will grow, Its like your expanding your branch around the world. We are living in the world now that everyone can reach anyone in anywhere in the country. So having a Website for you business is the best thing to do. So go start your website now. There are a lot of sites to help you to have your own website, even your not that so Computer savvy person.

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    Well, to answer your initial question. I think it does depend on what type of product/service you are running within that business. However, a general website for any business wouldn't hurt in further establishing and promoting their interest. For a start-up fashion business like yourself, I suggest continuing to work social media leads. Building a loyal following especially on an FB and Instagram page. Once you built up a decent audience. Take the time to create a small website. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just include everything you want to display along with contact information. My main tip though with a website is to include content! People overlook a fashion article or two to go along with their website. Even minor content contributions help in the website's overall ranking. Which ultimately promotes your business at the end of the day when typed through search engines.

    Like I said, as long as you have a big enough audience and a small budget for domain hosting, you're good to go! I hope that somewhat answers your question. This is the technique I would approach if I was in your scenario. Either way, best of luck with your business!

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