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Curate fresh content - HELP!

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    Curate fresh content - HELP!

    Hello! Internally, we have ALWAYS struggled with gathering content for our company website (News, Sliders, Etc...). We have a core group of 5 individuals, which basically encompasses all aspects of our organization. We start of with great intentions, but then due to previous commitments, and busy schedules, we never follow through with updates, thus, rendering our site archaic. What are some good tips to keep everyone on track, and perhaps turn this into something that people actually want to do? Any help would be appreciated!


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    You are going to have to get focused. That is the only way you will succeed. Put all other ventures to the side and only work on the one site until it is making VERY good money. Then and only then can you branch out.

    Is this site your passion? If so, it should be easy. If it is not, it's going to be really tough to get the focus needed.

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