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Content quality checker?

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    Content quality checker?

    What is the best way to check if content is quality or not? is there any tools or ways that you have known before or helping to check content for your site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by justsmallsteps View Post
    What is the best way to check if content is quality or not? is there any tools or ways that you have known before or helping to check content for your site?
    Well there are couple of tools out there and one of them comes builtin with Wordpress as a plug-in. If you use WP you can use Yoast, it will make some basic checks on your content. But let me give you 5 bullets which make you to an expert on your own written quality content for perfext SEO. 1.) check the number of words you used, a minium of 300 up to 2000 words shall be used according to Google. If your CMS is not counting for you the words you can copy past it in a word processing tool which will let you know. 2.) Your keyword of your article shall be used, A.) in your title B.) in the URL C.) in the META desciption D.) every 200 words once E.) in any sub-heacding tag <h2> or <3> atleast 2-3 times. 3.) Make each 150-200 words a sub heading 4.) try to avoid long sentences.

    If you came so far there are some more things you can do, in photos or images used try to use the keyword as decription or title or name of the actual image. Avoid links wit the keyword inside, meaning don't link the keyword to an external page. So if you still want to use a tool this is exactly what they are going to provide you. Hint: Check google and search for 'Outdated Content Finder' this is intersting to know which content is graving to be re-written because things get outdated ... time to re-write the topic

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    It's simple. Read it out loud. If you stumble or hesitate while reading it.... It's crap. A good article flows well when read out loud. Also if you have to stop to figure out what a sentence said... It's crap.

    A tool can't determine quality. It can determine grammar and structure, but that is all.

    Only the human brain can determine if content is quality or not. That's one of the reasons Google and other search engines weigh backlinks from highly trusted sites so much. It's humans voting up quality content.

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    To know your content is quality or not, you should check few points :
    1. Content is copied or not.
    2. Keyword density should not be high
    3. Content should be user engaging
    4. Content should be easily understand and not use difficult words
    5. It should not be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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    I agree with the rest of your points but this
    Quote Originally Posted by alinajack View Post
    1. Content is copied or not.
    But someone can spin content and re-edit them so its still considered as high quality content?

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    The best way to check if your content is good or bad is to ask someone else to proof read or review your content. Always consider the opinion of others. You may learn a lot about their perspective on creating a good content. Just choose different age bracket and status so you could obtain opinions from different kind of mindset and personality.

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    I'm using Yoast seo + Grammarly to check my article. It's free for use.

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    Don't know about the content quality checking tools. but I know what defines the true "quality" of a piece of content (which in most cases will increase it’s odds of success) it can be measured by how helpful you intend it to be for your readers. That means that it is 1: easy to find,
    2: easy to read,
    3: an enjoyable experience, and
    4: gives them instant and actionable information/tips/tactics.

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