Recommended Storage for Site Backup


Mar 2, 2016
What storage would site owners prefer to back up their websites on? I am looking at the following options:-
- Dedicated server
- DigitalOcean block storage
- AWS EBS based storage

We have an option to sync backup data to any S3 compliant/BackupBlaze, from storage server. Would user prefer dedicated server as storage? Besides we have an option to sync to multiple destinations, for Geo redundancy.

I am inclined towards dedicated servers, cause I can let Hosting provider have their own storage, so that they can sell backup service to their hosting customers. And the storage nodes can be near Hosting server, for super fast backup.

WMS users: What do you suggest?

Rob Whisonant

May 24, 2016
I'm more concerned with security. How will the data be encrypted? What safe guards will be put in place to protect customer data in a database? What speed and how easy is it to restore a site? How many snapshots will be saved and made available for restoring? Can I restore a single file from 6 months ago that has been changed 10 times since then?

The answer to these questions would determine the actual location of the backups.


Mar 2, 2016
Storage nodes store site backup credentials and data. Credentials are encrypted using AES 256. Data is encrypted using AES 256. The database storing credentials is on cryptsetup, which uses AES.
All backup plans have same encryption options.

The storage nodes are completely isolated and can be communicated over SSL REST API only. The frontend is built on python, and offers high level of security. In technical terms, I would call it very reasonable security for Hosting.
Data reliability is what differs in each plan.
If a customer wants his own storage, he can buy Backup_Sync which can be used to sync his compressed encrypted backup to any S3 compliant storage or BackBlaze, on every site modification.

The speed depends on the proximity of storage nodes to Hosting server. That is why we built storage nodes as modular. Hosting providers can configure storage nodes, that we will fully manage.
If the storage node is near hosting server, full backup takes few minutes(<5min) for a GB(really matters on network speed); and incremental backups takes under a minute(irrespective of site.

Unlimited snapshots available for restore. We have not added any option to delete old versions, yet. It doesn't matter how many times there have been changes, as long as you know which one to look for.
You can restore an individual file, from any snapshot, since you started backing up with BountySite.

You can actually browse through old files, as if they were current.

Restore can be done for web files or db individually or both. It is a matter of choosing a version, and clicking restore.

Both web and db:

From expert reviews from elsewhere, I have to come to few things:
- I will keep a redundant copy on AWS EBS. Cause industry trusts AWS.
Redundant copy is a functionality coupled with storage node, allowing to keep replicas across multiple Geo location. You can choose and configure n number.

- For speed, I can stick to dedicated server near Hosting server or I can choose nearest AWS. AWS has more EBS options. DO block storage are SSD, which might be too much for a backup, for the cost.
I will leave Hosting provider to take a call.
The only issue with AWS storage is that download traffic is billed separately, and can become a huge pain. Miscreants can misuse the service.
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