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What to choose for your CMS: Drupal or Wordpress?

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    What to choose for your CMS: Drupal or Wordpress?

    I am using Wordpress for my blogs but heard good things about Drupal, I may want to give it a try. Can anyone give me any comparisons on both these platforms? what are its strengths?

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    You can use both for your puposes but that is also depending on your hobby, and the truth is that, in my opinion, the clear winner is still Wordpress for the reasons that I want discuss. Even so, I'm going to expose what offers Drupal, the good, the bad and let your opinion deciding whether you prefer it over another blogging system.

    The strengths of Drupal over Wordpress
    The support of developers. If something has these services are completely extensible through custom themes, software plug-ins which add functionality that does not originally come with the installation package or a community active.
    Apart from trying to win positioning in these aspects, then we have the functionality included, as the method of writing and publishing posts, support for SEO, share content, that is organized in a clear and orderly manner and show an elegant presentation and According to the publications. All these are elements that are repeating a CMS to another as I have mentioned, so let's see now some points offering Drupal, individually to Wordpress, since of the latter I have already spoken above.

    Drupal also has many extra features that can be found available for installation on your blogs, such as management of visits, SEO, or Visual plug-ins, but also brings the ability do surveys, embed video, serial control of users who register to form a community around your presence online or statistics. We also have the possibility of establishing patterns in the URL to be able to categorize content efficiently.

    For example, if we have a section called "cakes", through the tags and other elements, whenever you write a post and file it in that section, is accessed by the URL will be all well organized with /pastels/post, just as it happens when we are separating the content on a server, and you are accessing different levels that are below the root. Moreover, so-called plugins, support and a good source of resource page we also have who are going to be of great use to build our website, personal blog or our company online presence. So we see great similarities with the rest of the platforms. What factors can have in mind when we decide?

    Installation is complicated and a little messy, in fact, if we take Wordpress as a reference, in this have the famous 5-minute installation, which is a script PHP execute once we have prepared all the environment on our server and we are only going to ask a followed by elementary data through an easy to understand form. These data are from the blog name to the location of the database that will store the post. Once completed the form, for about 5 minutes, and often less, all settings are made automatically..., and this is something that has just not happened with Drupal so that it can be a barrier to the user started in this world, including offering more limited than the same Drupal when generating content solutions. However, after all, if the front page is difficult to open, will get fewer people to your platform...

    Another barrier is the efficiency of resources, i.e. If we have a very large, in the sense of a long history, years that we operate on the internet, etc., Drupal is far behind other CMS, which optimizes much more load on the server every time that dream you enter and view all content. This causes the load is more extended, with writings of all visitors, and is not something that we want to... Some plugins can lighten it, loading the content in the cache of the server, but we have to resort to an external resource to be able to solve something that other CMS has more than arranged well at first.

    In conclusion, what is essential is to use the platform as more comfortable will be when it comes to content on the Internet, but what if it is true is if the front page is friendly for new users, this is something that you earn on your behalf.

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