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Feb 4, 2020

Online games have become of the most favorite activities for the people of all ages these days.
People love to spend their free time playing games online. Moreover, when it comes to online
casinos, things get even better as people earn money while having fun. But what if you do not
play online games to earn money or you have your own online business? Should you spend
time discovering about online casinos and gaming platforms? Well, probably you should not.
However, today, I am bringing a great initiative by an online casino. This article will talk about a
unique partnership program that is here to give different online businesses a chance to make
some extra cash!
Ego Casino is one of the new and yet amazing entries in the world of online casinos. The
benefits it comes with for the users cant be denied as it has gained the attention of a lot of
online bidders and gamers from all over the world. You can read about its benefits on the
internet. However, the good news is that not just gamers but you can earn from it as well.
This famous gaming website has introduced a partnership program for all online businesses
where all these businesses can earn the most by doing the least. This partnership program
goes by the name “Game Revenue”. It has been just a few weeks but this partnership program
has already gained a lot of positive response from the market. The reason behind such a great
response is the number of benefits it has to offer. It brings a lot of new opportunities for the
businesses looking to make business not just by selling their services, but by becoming a part of
some unique membership program as well. Now, you must be worried that is there a specific
category of business that can become member of this affiliate partnership or just anyone can
enjoy these benefits? These businesses can include video-gaming businesses, online gaming,
online casinos, and what not? It is open for every online business out there in the world.
But what would be your benefit in it?
How would it make things good for customers on both sides?
Would Ego Casino will be hosting more games or Game Revenue will give the option of
bidding on games?
I know these are just a few of a lot of the questions going in your mind right now. However, you
do not need to stress over it as I have made a complete list of all the benefits that you, as a
customer of an affiliate program, will be getting out of this partnership. In order to know about
the pros, keep reading the article.

Better and Bigger Commission Plans

Let’s be honest, online gaming and bidding is all about generating more revenue, is not it? All of
the people taking part either in online revenue games or bidding have high hope to earn more
and more with each bid or game. In order to not break the heart of the customers and to give
them more benefits, Game Revenue has decided to offer a whole new bunch of commission
plans. There are 4 new commission plans that are designed on the basis of level assigned to
every customer. If you are bringing a basic level player, you will be earning 20% commission
over their deposit from 0 to 10 depositors. In case your player decides to take himself a level up
and become a medium-level player, you will get a 35% commission on their deposits and it
includes people from levels 11 to 20. To receive 45% commission your player has to become a
high-level player from 20 and more depositors. In the end, if your player loved our services a lot
and decides to become a VIP level player, you will be lucky to receive a 60% commission on the
money he will decide to deposit.
Moreover, when it comes to commission payment, these four levels will be implemented there
as well. For the basic level, the commission payment will be 20%. 25% commission payment
will be applied for a medium level. Also, 30% and 40% commission payment will be charged for
high level and VIP level customers respectively.

More Customers, More Conversions
You are sending us clients but how can you make sure that you get the money you deserve for
your effort? I know that as a business it is difficult to trust that you will be getting the fair share of
your money. However, I would like to mention Game Revenue partnership program guaranteed
that the customers you bring will love the games and will invest in them. The games and the
benefits are planned in a way that no one can ever say no to them.
How can this affiliate marketing be so sure?
Well, this is a nice question and I am sure this might have popped up in your head. The answer
lies in the quality of the products used by this partnership. Only the best and high quality
licensed games are hosted on the website for the customers you bring. This makes sure that
whatever game the customers decide to open and play, leaves them with woo and experience
they would not forget for the rest of their lives.

Easy Lifetime Revenue Generation
I am giving a customer that might stick to the gaming for a life-time so should not I
receive revenue for a life-time?
This is a valid question that you might want to ask me now. Is that not true? As it is guaranteed
that the games hosted will be super-addictive for the players that they would not want to leave
them ever, the partnership took care of the interest of its affiliate members as well. The cookies
of the website are designed in a way that it will capture the needed details of each customer

coming through you and will save its data. Now, whenever that customer will log-in to play and
make some deposit, your commission will be calculated and transferred to your account
automatically. In case the player decides to leave and never return, it will be the loss of both the
affiliate member and the partnership party- Game Revenue. The partnership party believes in
sharing both the loss and the profit with their affiliate so both of them can earn together.
Would not you want to receive an easy life-time earning? Come on, who does not love it?

No Negative Carry Over and Extra Charges
You must be thinking that this program is already one in a million so how can it become even
better for you? Well, the aim of this program is to facilitate both the members and the customers
for they are more hidden surprises for their members. One of the biggest flaws of such affiliate
programs offered in the market is that they charge a lot of admin fees from their members. This
gives the members the wrong impression that these partnerships are only to rip off their
members and give no benefit. However, this partnership is a lot different from the typical
partnerships as they care about their members. They have decided to charge absolutely no
admin fees from their members. Moreover, to remove the extra load from their members, they
have also decided to charge no negative carry over.
Also, even though both of the brands have partnered to bring you this great opportunity, their
negative balances would not be bundled. It means that if you already have a negative balance
in one account on any of these websites, the other account would not be affected! Another great
news is that if you fail to score any positive score in a month and has a negative balance in your
account, the account will be set back to zero instead of subtracting the negative balance from
the money earned in next month. I do not believe that there can be anything better than this as it
is clearly a chance just to earn with nothing to lose. Cheers!

Sharing the Benefits is Always a Priority
As discussed earlier, the brand just wants to give more reasons to smile to the customers and
members. They have even decided to share their benefits with you if you decide to become a
member. Once you sign up to become a member of the affiliate marketing they are offering, you
will be up for the cross-marketing between their brands profit. This will make you eligible for
earning from their profit as well as it will be counted as additional earning for you. This would
give you a chance to multiply your earning to as big a figure as you want.
This sounds like an easy earning and that too for the rest of your life! Are you up for the offer yet
or do you need a few more reasons to give it a go?

It is A Piece of Cake!

As they are offering a lot of benefits for their members, they might be tricked and confused that
it might come at a great cost. This article has already addressed the issue of cost so you can
stay away from the stress of spending money on it. The other major concern the members might
have is that the task might be difficult. Are you also afraid that you might not be able to
accomplish it? Are you doubtful about bringing customers to these websites?
Well, there is nothing to worry about as this task is a piece of cake! You will be given all the
tools that you would need and will be required to use in the campaigns. You can attract a lot of
players with the special promo marketing tools provided to you after you have signed up for the
membership. These tools include banners that you may use to promote the site. All you will
have to do is to place their banners on your website in a section that would be easy for the
visitors to view. As soon as they view it, they will be intrigued to visit the website with your
promo code and that is when your earning will start! I hope that answers your scariest concern
and that you are ready to earn as much as you want.
Please note that you are not allowed to use spam emails, as it contradicts legal
standards for online advertising.

Signing Up Can Never be this Easy
The website is designed in such a way that it is easy for everyone to access and get hold of.
Moreover, if I talk about signing up for the membership, well it will take maximum a minute for
you to become a member of this affiliate marketing. All you need to do is fill in the form with the
easy and very basic information asked. The Registration form can easily be found on the
website. Moreover, you do not have to wait for days and days to get a response to your
registration request. Once you click on the sign-up button, you will be automatically directed to
your personal account. Also, upon receiving your membership request, the manager will contact
you within a short time period of 24 hours.
This sounds like the easiest task in the world, right? So, what are you waiting for? Head to the
website and sign-up today to start receiving some really great benefits!

Earn through Multiple Websites
Usually, you would not see such good earning opportunities and even if you will, they will not
allow you to earn through multiple streams. That is another feature that makes this partnership
different from the rest of the partnerships. In case you have more than one website, you are
more than welcome to make all those websites a member of this affiliate partnership. Note that
all of the websites owned by you will be registered under one affiliate account. The catch here is
that all you will be doing is just putting up a banner and all the people coming from these
websites will be contributing towards the large sum you would get by the end of the day.
Moreover, the membership is not limited to just websites. Once you have an account opened,
you can add websites, partners on your behalf, media channels, thereby tracking your referred

players separately. In order to add or remove any websites or channels, you can reach out to
the affiliate manager and he would be more than happy to assist you 24/7.

The End Note
Everyone loves to have some extra cash and that too without doing a lot of things. This indeed
is a golden opportunity for you to make as much money as you want with 0 investments. As you
have already read about all the amazing benefits you would be getting out of this partnership
without doing a lot of stuff, I believe it is an opportunity not worth missing. You can generate lots
and lots of revenue within a few days without even knowing because the people referred by you
would be earning as well. Moreover, once the people referred by you would have a great
experience, they will send more people to you as well. Hence, all you have to do is just put a
banner on your website and then earn for the rest of your life without doing anything. Moreover,
it is best if you have multiple online channels and websites as you can add them to your
revenue generation stream and earn from them as well.
The registration for the affiliate membership is open for everyone. You can check the website,
verify the facts, and even reach out to the customer service, which is available 7 days a week
just to help the customers curious to know more. Once you are satisfied with the details
provided by the website and the customer care executive, you can decide whether to sign-up or
not (I being your well-wisher will strongly recommend to sign-up). Signing-up would not hurt you
in any way but will bring some extra cash you can spend on arranging a soothing trip by the
sea-side for yourself. That would be such an awesome opportunity to relax and have some fun
so sign-up today put banners on your websites and start making plans for a relaxing and fun-
filled trip!

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