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Jun 6, 2012
Content is King! A common term on the Internet in the SEO world. When asked what the most important elements of search engine optimization , most answers with content and link building . Most people on the Internet looking for information. They would therefore like to be provided with relevant content. Relevant content is therefore very much appreciated and it is therefore very important content writing.

The value of content

Why search engines now attach so much value to content? The answer is of course not so difficult: in fact, like most search engines show relevant content to the visitors. The purpose of the search engines is to best meet the needs of visitors to meet and therefore most relevant content to show. The purpose of the author of the content should therefore in principle: The display relevant information to the search engines and visitors thereof.

It's a bit of the game between Google and the SEO experts. Google says you write content for the visitors. The SEO experts say you write content as high as possible in the search engines to come. The best way will undoubtedly slightly between.

It is very important to ensure that your website as much as possible right SEO elements and that you regularly add content to your website. Write this information relevant for visitors but certainly also think about the SEO aspects that ensure that your website higher in the search engines is that of your competitors.

How do you say good content?

The content on a page of your site consists of several elements, namely a title tag, a Meta Description, Headings and subheadings and of course text. A Title tag and Meta description I have described in previous articles. Here I will continue the headlines and discuss the text itself.

Headings and subheadings

Headings and subheadings can be compared to such articles in the newspaper. They show at a glance where the piece of content below about. Headings and subheadings provide good structure when writing content. Even for the search engines is very clear, that recognize the headings and your content.

In the HTML code of a page headings and subheadings shown as an H1 tag, H2 tag etc. The H1 tag is the main heading of your page. For a correct interpretation, it is important to know what your most important keywords. The main keyword (s) in your H1 tag display, let you clearly see where the content is about and how you must be found in the search engines.

In one of your subheadings are also more time you search come back or possibly a synonym thereof. Use this not too often or you would qualify for keyword spamming. (The excess use your keywords)

The text itself

Writing the content itself is where the visitor just all about. In this content you must try most relevant information to write about the topic of this page. Visitors to your site will appreciate this and come back to your site.

Previously tried SEO specialists often the texts they wrote for the search engines to stuff with the main keywords. Google has now put a stop to this and it is therefore strongly recommended that your keywords are not more frequently than necessary. Depending on the length of your text, you should think of a time or 5-6 on 400-500 words content.

That does not seem much but do not forget that you are in the Title Tag, Meta Description, URL and in the headlines even though you have to use keywords. It is Google so all very clear what your page is about and where it should be ranked on.

In short, there is a good content for visitors and for the search engines so the following points:

- Title tag with keywords
- Meta description with keywords
- Url with your keyword (s)
- Headings and subheadings with your keywords
- Good piece of informational content with your keywords

Alex Thompson

Jun 6, 2013
Nice article...In one of your subheadings are also more time you search come back or possibly a synonym thereof. Use this not too often or you would qualify for keyword spamming.Thank you so much..
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