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Jun 6, 2012
The Internet is constantly developing and therefore also the areas related to the Internet. Similarly, online copywriting. Below are the main trends and developments appear where you as a copywriter / copywriter should take into account.

Video content is becoming increasingly important
Since YouTube really is emerging as a search engine, video content is becoming increasingly important. Maybe lyrics are written so that they can be read aloud in a video. This means that texts are going to be more concrete and less difficult words go, so that they are manageable for everyone. For a copywriter, it is important to also develop the writing going well here in order to play.

Build a relationship with your readers
Build a relationship with the reader are you among other to prove that you're trustworthy. Because if the reader confidence in you, it will also come back earlier and earlier to convert. It is important to meet the expectations of the reader you have to (continue to) meet. So you promise something, do it after.

Findability and precisely also searchability
Also in 2012, remains important search engine optimization. This is not only dependent on the accessibility of the site with the correct words used, but also the search ability. It not you look at the existing and obvious keywords, but to other alternative keywords. Preferably an appealing neologism, as the word "smartphone" that was created for the new category of phones to appoint. Because a new word has been created for a certain product is easier for consumers to search for and thus to find it. And this is smart to do because there are so many providers that sell the same product. Search should be seen as a separate service.

The year of the personal story
Personality is currently a major emerging trend. For copywriting means that the personal story a much greater role. And this also applies to companies, the I form no longer be avoided.

Content is and remains king
Also this year and keep content king, but not with the standard sales texts which we are accustomed. A web text of 2012 should include:

Because of the many different providers on the market, the consumer is forced to conduct business and to read and compare. If you make sure that your product is immediately clear what is meant and what the benefits are, you this score.

Creative written!
Stand out with your content. Spring getaway for the consumer, so the text sticks and immediately appealing. Take a little more time to get that little extra to text to give.

Informally with a touch of humor
The change in advertising from traditional to alternative media means that copywriters less formal and more conversational just have to write. Search for the contact with the reader in an informal way. Readers need a friendly and cordial atmosphere in 2012.

People look at texts no longer lies. Everyone claims to be the cheapest, best, etc. are. So you fall into this year just as you write about your mistakes. Be honest, but remember that it is important for there to put what you have learned in order to regain the trust of consumers.

The contemporary copywriter is much more an (online) marketeer. In order to provide good content, so you have more in your march.

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