How To Use Pinterest for Commercial Purposes


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Jun 6, 2012
The new social media channels Pinterest is extremely popular in recent months. It is the first complete visual social network where you share all kinds of images and places that interest you. Not only for personal use an interesting medium, but also for businesses! Pinterest may cause a huge traffic source, since all the photos directly link to the source (your website).

Easy to explain how to use Pinterest for commercial purposes:

1. Ask first you wonder who you are as a company and who your target audience is

Is what you're offering is easy to convert into inspiring photos? The largest user of Pinterest are women between 25 and 35 years. The most common topics are interior and fashion, but also infographics, travel and gadgets do well. Fits your business totally in the lifestyle oriented Pinterest user, you will probably have little pictures shared. Generally, if your target audience consists of interior designers have more chance that on Pinterest to find than if you target from loggers exists.

2. Collect photos

Fits your audience to that of Pinterest and your products or services form worthy? Collect pictures than you can possibly pins, so one of your pinboards places. Think from the user on Pinterest. Eventually, they only have their own message board post if it suits their interests, it is not their purpose to your business / brand with link to give.

3. Investigate the possibilities

Once you have applied for an account (it's currently accessible by invitation only), do not start directly with the placement of various pins. First check around and research what Pinterest users find interesting by category or by the general heading 'popular'. By some accounts to follow, you'll get an instant overview of the photos that are pinned and thus a lot of information about the interests, dreams and lives of your target audience.

4. Keep track of images from your site Pinned

Even though you do not have an account for your business, maybe your audience the way to Pinterest already found and places them there photos on your website! On you to '' your own website, for example entering / source / . So you see exactly which photos the attention of your target audience and attract especially whom a photo from your site has posted or shared. Of course it is useful to their boards to follow, since it directly to your target audience.

5. Ensure that Pinterest also on your own website integrated

So you can follow button places and each page that you shared would like to see, for example, on a product page, the 'Pin it' button places. On / goodies you can copy this code, which you yourself indicate which picture Pinned to be, to what (product) page it must refer and which description goes with it.

6. Personalize your account

Provide a short description, choose a profile picture and link through to your website / other social media accounts. The next step is to create some boards with titles that match your business. The more specific your wall, the better. Place each board in the correct category and give a brief description.

7. Label the pictures on your website

It may happen that someone a picture of your website stores on his / her own computer and then upload Pinterest. At that time the pin no longer refers to your site. By tagging your photos (your company name / brand or link of your website in the photo sites), the public can eventually grow to your website come.

8. Start with pins!

Go tempered boards not stuffing with pictures or logos of your business, but part 'pinter sting' photos. In a shop, this is easier: pictures of your products, you can directly pins. Other companies will be more creative with their account should deal for photos to post that the company visualize.

9. Analyze your account

What does participation in Pinterest on traffic to and what exactly they visit your website. You can measure this using Google Analytics or PinPuff, a special site that you pinfluence 'calculated by looking at your activity and popularity, the range, the value of your pin and pin the traffic you get. You can also use Google Analytics traffic view that using Pinterest in your picture ended. This is done through a unique url to do with URL Builder , which connects you to your photo.

10. And then ..?

Pinterest is still so new that there are no success stories that you have a good content strategy for the channel can be distracting. Stay in each case with regular pegs, building a network (do not wait until your audience will follow, but start itself with tracking), communicate your account through other expressions such as the newsletter, some unique photos from your account at Twitter or Facebook , go to the interaction with the target group (comment on and share pictures of others that fit your business, not all pictures need to refer to your website) and organize contests via Pinterest (pin & win). This keeps your account active, unique and interesting to follow!
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