14 Ways to increase RSS subscribers


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Sep 10, 2012
Most bloggers are keen to develop their blogs and want to increase RSS subscribers regularly. Is there any ways you can improve the number of RSS subscribers effectively? Certainly, many people have written about this before, but I also want to share my experiences. Here are 14 ways you can attract people subscribe to read your RSS feeds effectively.

1. You need to have a big RSS icon
You need to know that if you use the RSS icon small size, readers may have trouble finding. Most people will ignore if in a few seconds they can not find your RSS icon, so let's give your rss button bigger enough to cause the attention of readers.

2. Show RSS icon right above
In addition to using a big RSS icon, you remember your RSS icon at the top so they can see immediately instead of having to drag the page down below can be found, so that they can register to receive with your RSS.

3. RSS display on every page on your blog
When I started blogging, I had this error. I just only RSS icon on the home page. But as soon as I add this icon on all pages of the register soaring RSS reader.

4. Use of terms
Depending on your audience, if only the RSS icon may not be effective. They may not know much about the Internet technology, they may not know the little orange icon used for what. In such cases, you can write a short sentence to explain to subscribe to RSS feeds will help to get the latest updates from your articles and so on.

5. Write an article asking people to register your RSS
An effective way to register as a subscriber readers with your feed, please ask them to register. Write an article, please let them know a few good reasons and you will see how they respond to you.

6. Use pluggin FeedSmith
A blog can have two types of RSS is a regular RSS or RSS through Google's FeedBurner service. FeedBurner will be useful, work more efficiently compared to regular RSS. Pluggin FeedSmith will help you transfer all your RSS feed to FeedBurner for easy tracking and management easily format your RSS.

7. Subscribe to RSS by email
There is a practical study only a small fraction of Internet users are aware of RSS. Worldwide studies confirm that only reach 10%. So for 90% of Internet users can subscribe to RSS via email, please write a few words to explain that they will receive the information via email if they can fill in their email address. FeedBurner subscribe via e-mail function, you go to the Publicize to enable the "Email Subscriptions". Next create an "email form" so that your readers can enter their email address to sign up.

8. Encourage readers to sign up at the bottom of each article
In addition to a RSS icon and "Email form" as said above but you need to set the two components at the end of each article. You need to put at the end of each post because when they read your article, they will look around to see what to do or read, subscribe to your RSS is a good choice. In addition, if your articles, they will definitely sign up right away if they see your request subscribe.

9. As few steps as possible
I'm sorry to say that on the Internet more and more readers tend to be lazy, they want to do something fast. If fewer steps so that they can apply the better. Make the maximum number of click 2 to be able to subscribe to your RSS.

10. Your blog needs to focus on a topic
If you write about 10 different topics will be very difficult to convince the reader to "subscribe" to your blog. They may love your article about technology but will not like the food articles. There is a specific topic is an effective way to attract subscribers read.

11. Post regularly and periodically
Regular post that is posted many articles per week or even per day. Also periodically post is attached, the frequency consistent with that post. Two factors will show the reader that your blog content rich, updated regularly for new content. And they will "subscribe" to your blog.

12. Do not post too many posts
While writing several articles a week or one day will be a very good job, but you should limit this stage. If your blog is filled with dozens of posts a day, readers will cancel the "subscribe" to your blog.

13. Write valuable content
It will only "subscribe" to your RSS if people read your article content valuable to them. This value may be different from the factors depending on your audience: it can be derived from useful new information provided by you, from the deep analysis that you write or what funny you say so.

14. Write unique content
Your content can be very valuable, but if people can find your content somewhere else, they will have no reason to "subscribe" to your RSS Feed. For example, you copy articles from a popular blog. Your content while it is still valid, but the content is not "unique" and most people will "subscribe" to the original blog posts.

You've read all the way to increase the amount of subscribers to the your RSS Feed.

Some comments would be appreciated !


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Nov 27, 2012
Thank you for the nice tips Irish, these tips gonna help me a lot.
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