Top 10 Reasons why you should have an active business blog


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Jun 14, 2013
The purpose of creating a blog for your business, you simply create relevant content that gives your potential customer solutions, before hiring a service or product for your business. In this way, you create value and give to know your company.

You can not miss the opportunity to promote your business more users, using the large existing market platforms. In addition to the blog, you can have a number of tools to help in the task of creating content, allowing you to save money on advertising.

At present, it is very fashionable to use blogs to strengthen the online reputation of companies, as well as personal mark of a Blogger. Many companies are using this medium across different platforms, such as WordPress, which creates quite effective and very useful blogs. This platform is well known and used by many developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

A blog is a means of promotion and information, which has a very interesting niche market and has the advantage that on the Internet, we can communicate at different times without boundaries, achieving a broader worldwide.

When you write content, make sure your content easy to understand, very practical, and to provide customer solutions that I mentioned earlier. It is very important to use techniques to engage your customer, such as the well-known marketing content that will make your readers want to use your products or services, you marcarás the difference from your competitors. You'll get your potential customers interested in your products, and give build trust in your brand.

Here's top 10 Reasons why you should have an active business blog

1. Find potential customers and builds confidence to buy your products or services.
2. Improve the quality of your web traffic
3. Achieve reach a wider audience attracting potential customers
4. Increase the chances of conversions to your website
5. Increases in Google organic search
6. Strengthens the online reputation of the Brand
7. Your content is shared on social media
8. Reduce spending on online advertising investment
9. You can get real views and quality
10. Notoriety to the brand

Do you have any reasons to add to my thread, add below and I'm looking forward to see your shares!


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Jan 13, 2015
Great post! Difficult to think of things to add ;-) I also think that for each new blog post - you should go out and promote it e.g. update/tell people on your social media platforms/other sites with linking back to your blog post... as that helps with getting traffic in addition to sending out signals to search engines that there is a lot of buzz around your website - all of which helps with ranking on the SERPs...

Content by Rhonda

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Feb 10, 2015
Great post about content. I read a blog post yesterday that said we could go to Buzzsumo to research the most popular content about our niche and then write an even better post with more information. This way you know this topic is almost trending in your niche and can grab some of that same traffic. I plan on trying this to see how well it works. Since I just came across this yesterday I've not had a chance to investigate, so take this at a possibility right now.

It's important that the blog post we write has something extra other people are not adding in to give more value. Again, great post. Thanks.
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