10 easy tips to improve your wordPress blog


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Nov 14, 2013
Are you using a wordpress blog and want to improve it for search engines or visitors. Just following these steps to improve your WordPress blog and of course, you don't need to have more experience with wordpress, it's simple and easy to apply. Let's start by 10 easy these tips:

1. Choosing a good domain name
Make it easy, whether it is to select a professional nomenclature as your name. In case you want to put your personal brand, then put your name and surname (prevents nicks, nicknames or "original" names). Neither you imagine what SEO can do for you if you decant for that option! Thus, you will facilitate your name comes up on the first pages of the search engines indexing by Google.

2. Create your own logo
Avoid generic icon that WordPress provides by default (the W) next to your URL. It is advisable to have your own image, whether the logo of your company or a picture your face (personal branding). To do this, go to Settings> General> change your icon and customize it.

3. Show who you are
Using an area to display your name on the main page, tell about what you do professionally, what are your goals...with a photo of your face you will provide more credibility and closeness. You're not yet aware of the importance of profile picture on social networks to configure your personal brand ?

4. Using social media icons
Make visible the channels in which you want to present. Tip is, add only those you use a professional level. Do not put too many icons, will be better or more not mean be better. Normally, add icons to site footer or on your blog posts

5. Add a contact form
In addition to the social media icons, it is advisable to provide a new page to enhance direct contact. Thanks to this feedback you can receive queries that would otherwise not have had.

6. Make visible the subscription option
If you want your blog to be read, we must facilitate their dissemination. The subscription via email is a great tool, but if it is not visible lose potential readers. To do this, customize your widget bar going to Dartboard > widgets> Track Blog.

7. Displays only the first paragraph of your post
It is very common to access the beginning of a blog and find the entire contents of each of the posts. Did you know that offering only the first paragraph more interest is generated by reading your content? To do this, insert the tag <! - More-> or press (Alt + Shift + T) after introduction. The same applies to subscriptions by e-mail; if the reader comes the full text will read in the mail directly and not come to your blog. To configure this option, enter settings> Reading> Show, for each entry in the feed> summary.

8. Make the most of the SEO
Label names and correctly describe your text and images. Use keywords in your industry (do not forget to include them in the headline) lists explanatory points, highlighted phrases in bold ... If you do not write in this light, your blog will not reach all the visibility you could have, however much we share in social networks.

9. Link your blog to your Twitter account
If you have not enabled this option, when someone share one of your posts on Twitter will default linked wordpress. To change it, go settings> share> add your Twitter profile.

10. Tell Google you are the author
To check to Google that you are the creator of content must link your Google+ account to your blog, and vice versa. Remember, too, link your Google+ profile with Google Authorship.

I hope these tips useful for you. What other tips do you have to promote in this thread? Sharing all here!


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Oct 1, 2013
Create useful content

Content is truly that powerful. A few tips to get you started:

Always try to help your customers solve their problems.
Set yourself a content creation goal – ours is 365 pieces in a year, what’s yours?
Create a new post in WordPress with a heading and some rough notes, then come back to it every day.

If you write blog posts in Google docs or Microsoft word, paste them into Notepad before moving them to WordPress. This will strip out the code that makes your formatting look funny.
Install plugins like Digg Digg or Flare to make it easy for people to spread the word about your content.


Apr 16, 2015
These are some wonderful tips that you have provided us. Thanks. I think that these tips will help anyone improve.
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