6 Easy Tips to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program


Sep 28, 2012
Amazon is an ecommerce company, which could simply be regarded as the world's largest current business cooperation with many partners from retail consumers to marketers who can simply link their choices and deal with one another. To start benefitting from the Affiliate Program offered by Amazon, firstly you need to know the process of buying on Amazon as well as the promotion trends that are prevalent. Once you are aware of the process, you will have to understand which products are the most popular, especially those that have a significant demand resulting in higher sales on special occasions. Amazon offers promotion programs to increase its sales and this is a very good opportunity for others to benefit from.

This article will guide you to make the most from the affiliate programs offered on Amazon.com in just a few simple and easy steps.

1. Sign Up For An Account At Amazon.Com Affiliate

To start off with you will first need to read the rules of the Association of the Program that Amazon has to offer in order to ensure that there is no violation of their principles. One of the important things to look at is the policy pages, where Amazon claims the links to the advertising on Website promotion products on Amazon. The Affiliate account registration is free of cost and is your golden ticket to getting yourself started in the Amazon Affiliate Program.

2. Product Selection According To Period.

After creating the Affiliate account, you need to carry out a market research to understand and capture the ongoing trends. For instance, the common summer travel products would be bathing suits or a camera where as on the occasion of Valentine's Day options like a double coat product is preferred. So it's as simple as that, choose a product and promote it in a relevant and interesting way with the current situation. Another good way is to narrow it down, like in niche markets that focus on one group of customers that are interested in a particular product category only. Say if you are an internet marketer you will focus on areas such as advertising, email marketing, web design, templates and eBooks rather than food or drinks.

3. Choose The Appropriate Product.

This is key, make sure to choose good quality products probably from the list of best seller products or partners that you have purchased from at least once in your lifetime. In short you should be confident that the product is genuine. No product should ever be anything that is harmful and neither should they be cheap or hazardous. An easy way to choose products that are popular is to see the featured product section on Amazon.com or base it on the product trends as analyzed above. Just select the right kind of products, probably something that you have an interest and knowledge in .Do not selects the products that you have never used nor have absolutely no knowledge about. A classic example is, if you have not been to the gym you should most definitely not market products related to Fitness or Workout.

4. Build Niche Website.

You will need to buy a Web Hosting account, as well as the domain to build your Niche Website. Choose a simple interface, focusing on the content, rather than selecting a magazine theme, where the readers find it difficult to read the information. Google can help you find simple themes, Review as well as function display tools like star rating assessment. This should get you going.

5. Uploading Content to Your Niche Website.

You can either write or hire freelancers to write the content for you. If you do opt for the latter make sure to provide specific requirements so as to ensure that the content is targeted at potential customers. Content is the most important factor to persuade viewers to buy products, you can use techniques such as comparing, consulting, or publishing review articles. Today potential buyers tend to always look for comments from people who have used the product rather than blindly believing all the ads from seller.

6. Amazon Niche Website Promotion.

Marketing your products through social networking sites is a common trend today. This is a great way to introduce your product or website to millions of people where you do not have to pay for any advertising services.

Building good content and backlinks to attract Traffic from SEO related keywords and Traffic from forums of the same genre is a must today. On Niche Sites you can optionally set the advertising products in many different places such as the insertion of the article content, or the product Widgets that Amazon ad formats support.

So there you go, 6 simple & easy tips that will help you make money the fun and easy way with Amazon's Affiliate program!

Good Luck! :rockon:


New member
Mar 27, 2014
These are basic steps. The hard part is how to do seo for your site!
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