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YouTube Views for Profit?

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    YouTube Views for Profit?

    How profitable is Youtube? Is there a market for buying and selling YouTube video views on a large scale?
    Or should I focus on something else?

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    I would advise you to focus on something else. Most people buy youtube view thinking their videos will rank well in search, which they do for a short time then their videos get dropped and then they realize it wasn't worth it. So they won't be returning customers which makes it a risky business because they can create negative reviews about your service.

    Youtube also discourages people to buy views. A lot of videos, including celebrities, have decreased in numbers because they were using fake views.

    This is not a good business model, so try something else.

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    I would avoid buying and selling views. Doesn't do you any good for ranking and YouTube frowns on this. Buying views is a very good way to get your account banned by YouTube.

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    Yeah don't buy the views.

    TO rank a youtube video, find someone seeling high quality PBN links. Make sure they're on a private network.

    Forget about public links from linkvanna or anywhere like that. THey used to work but not anymore.

    Also get some high quality web 2.0s and build links to those PBN links to give em some juice. Also share everything across all social networks. I pay for likes and shares on all social networks.

    Share like mad.

    Make sure you Optimize your description for a keywords that is realistic to rank for.

    Watch the magic unfold.

    Finding the suppliers is the hardest part, and thats where youre going to have to bump your head and learn. But its YouTube so who cares?

    Never buy views for YouTube! I inflate the hell out of Dailymotion but thats a whole other method.

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    for me, you shouldn't buy view for video youtube. because, your chanel can be die or blocked by Youtube

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