Google to Boost Rankings of Mobile-Friendly Pages Starting This April 21

Marx Melencio

New member
Feb 7, 2015
This April 21 — Google will start to roll out big changes to the way they rank Web pages, as we all know … ;)

:D Google said this update will significantly affect search results around the world in all supported languages, particularly for mobile searches …
This shift to more mobile-friendly page results was announced in this Feb 26 post at the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog … ;)

:eek: Also, according to [URLnf=""]this article[/URLnf] — Internet usage statistics last year show that mobile has exceeded PC use across almost all regions and languages globally, which is the biggest shift since the Internet began …

And, here's what I think: ;)

:) Substantial changes to any industry are almost always equivalent to strategic oppurtunities for creative specialists …

• You can widen your reach by ensuring that mobile-friendliness is a big part of your onsite SEO work, if it isn't already … :D

• You can drive more business to your Web design and mobile development company by deploying strategic B2B advertising and marketing campaigns for your mobile site design and app development services … ;)

• You can start getting more relevant projects as a freelancer by reaching out to small businesses and start-ups that can benefit from your mobile site design and app development services … :)

;) What do you think?
How do you intend to benefit from this?
Hope others could share some of their ideas … :)

:D NOTE: You can check if your site is mobile-friendly by using [URLnf=""]this Web app from Google[/URLnf] …

That's it for now. Cheers! :)


New member
Mar 26, 2015
Yes you are right. I also got message in my Webmaster account to fix the mobile compatibility problem. We are also working on that and as soon as possible fix the problem.


New member
Dec 30, 2014
Google has been emphasizing for long on responsive web design. I mean it is obvious that when you are on the road and you need to get something you should get the results as exactly what you are searching. Newer websites that are created responsively, are done to offer better services to the users. In fact, older websites are also upgrading themselves to responsive sites. You can easily check if a website is responsive or not through Webmaster tool or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+M and then dragging to fit sizes.
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