Why my website impressions increased double but number of clicks are not?


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Mar 22, 2015
Hey Guys,
I am wondering when today I checked my google webmaster tools and it showed that my website impressions increased double but number of clicks are still keeps the same old days?
what are the reasons?


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Mar 12, 2015
If your website is related to popular keywords and it will be settled in 2nd, 3rd pages or 9th, 10th position in the first page then you have face this kind of issues. To overcome this problem either your website should reach to top position in search engines or it could be because of following reasons:
- Copied content/duplicate/weak content
- Less audience
- Weak back links
- Weak/unprofessional on page optimization
- No local branding/less popularity
- Less/no social media presence.

If you overcome the basic rules, then it will be boosted.


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Jan 22, 2015
Here are a few tips you can use to improve your clicks on search engine results.

1. Strive to be number 1 for that keyword(s), you can do that by getting more strong backlinks to the pages that are already ranking well.

2. Make sure you use a more descriptive title which will attract the person who's searching. Let the searcher know what to expect if ever they choose to click. That means several words on your title should match what the user is searching for.

3. Your meta description should explain what your page or blog post is all about, but google can choose anything for description depending on what the user is searching for. But always think of your title and description as an advertisement, it should be catchy and be appealing than what your competition is using. The description should also have what the user is searching for, also add a call-to-action.

4. Studies have shown that breadcrumbs get more clicks as compared to full URLs in SERP, that is why big companies are now using breadcrumbs instead of full URLs, but this is not a must and you can do your own test to see what works better for you and your niche.

5. Rich snippets are also a great way to increase click through rate in SERP especially if you have 5 star review on your pages then people will be more likely to click on your page.

Unfortunately Google Authorship is gone but it was another awesome way to improve clicks. The five tips above should help you though especial number 1. Good luck :)
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